10 Things to Do Before Winter is Over

10 Things to Do Before Winter is Over

There are lots of reasons to be glad winter is over. But before we say goodbye to the darkest and coldest season of the year, there are a few must-dos you should be sure to put on your list.

  1. Have a snowball fight

Not just any snowball fight – an epic snowball fight. There are only a few blizzards left, so the next time you get a snow day, text everyone and pull together a big fight. Make sure you assign colors – some people are blue and some are red (or whatever you pick). And try to assign at least one person the task of being the official photographer – the shots will be well worth it.


  1. Make and drink fun winter cocktails

Before the weather starts to warm, take advantage of cold-weather classics like spiked hot chocolate (Kahlua or Baileys make great additions), mulled wine, and rum-soaked apple cider.


  1. Go ice skating

This is a wholesome and wholly enjoyable activity that it’s always easy to put off until it’s too late. Don’t let it happen! Rally one of these last winter weekends and skate your little tushy off.


  1. Clean out your closet

Before you blithely pack away all your winter gear, go through your closet and clean out any and all items you never wore this season. That scarf that you’ve had for 3 years and worn exactly 0 times? Time to chuck it. That purple peacoat that has never seen a breath of winter air? Same. You’ll love the space you gain in your closet.


  1. Watch winter flicks

They’re always more fun to see when it’s cold out. So make some popcorn and grab some friends or the family for classics like Happy Feet, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Snow Day, and Ice Age, or darker ones like The Shining and Day After Tomorrow.


  1. Set goals for this year

Before it gets too much deeper into 2017, actually take the time to write down a few things you want to accomplish by the end of the year. Science shows that people who write their goals down are more likely to actually get them done, so be sure to do this.


  1. Send out holiday thank you cards

Chances are, you were hosted by someone this past season, and they did a good job of making sure you were comfortable and taken care of. Now that things have died down a bit, your thank you card will mean even more, reminding them of how polite you are but also of the joy of the season.


  1. Binge-watch something

There’s no better time during the year to binge-watch a show than the winter. The long nights and short, gray days make for ideal cozying-up-under-the-blanket-and-doing-nothing-but-TV time. So indulge in a new show or old favorite and take a day to stay in bed or on the couch all day.


  1. Make a big stew or chili

Winter is one of those times when your motivation levels may dip, so there’s nothing better than preparing something on a Sunday that’ll last the whole week. There are a lot of winter-specific foods, but stew and chili are crowd favorites. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, pair it with a fresh-baked bread.


  1. Wear leg-warmers

There are only a few times a year you can get away with wearing the classic 80s look, but it’s just too much fun to pass up. So bust out those leg-warmers and jazz up your brunch outfit before it’s too late.

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