10 Ways To Celebrate National Best Friends Day With Your BFF

10 Ways To Celebrate National Best Friends Day With Your BFF

Whether you met in elementary school, college, or beyond, your bestie has had your back for ages and you’ve had hers. Here are 10 ways to celebrate the non-romantic love of your life.

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  1. Rock the thrift shop

Instead of shopping for yourself, buy each other a full outfit (including shoes and accessories!). Keep items a surprise ’til you get home. You’ll have a blast seeing how well you each know one another’s style, plus every time you wear the things you each picked, you’ll think of each other.


  1. High tea

There’s nothing better than tea, scones and finger sandwiches except enjoying them with your bestie. Look up places to do high tea in your area or host it at home (needed: a large number of doilies). Either way, make sure to dress up.


  1. Play Two Truths & A Lie

No one knows your BFF better than you … or do you? Play Two Truths & A Lie to find out. For example, “1. Remember how I told you nothing happened with Chris Wallenberg in the pool house that time? Actually, we kissed. 2. I’ve voted absentee before. 3. One of my extended family members was in the Olympics.” Which is the lie? You’ll have to get creative to beat the person who knows you best in the world.


  1. Phone-free beach day

Remember summers when you weren’t tied to a device because they didn’t exist yet? Replay that. Make a pact to leave both phones in the car while you beach it up. You’ll love how free you feel and how fun it is to have to do what you used to do – ask the cute guys at the next umbrella over what time it is.


  1. Swap identities

Go to a bar or club where you’ll meet people … as each other. Dress like your friend, do your hair like her, etc., and interact as her. Answer questions like, “What’s your name?” and, “What do you do?” as her. This is not only fun, but you’ll learn a lot when you literally step into her shoes. Plus you’ll get to see how she answers as you!


  1. Make a music video

Tell her you have a surprise and just to bring over as many different kinds of outfits as she can. If you have a favorite song together, use that, otherwise, just pick one and go for it. Hint: Just lip syncing in several different locations works wonders.


  1. Old-school sleepover

Do it just like you used to. Order a pizza in, do each other’s nails, take silly pics, and watch a scary movie or two.


  1. Screen on the Green

Summer has just begun, and most places have some version of Screen on the Green – when they show a movie outdoors. Pack a picnic (don’t forget the wine!) and get shushed because you’re whispering too loud during the movie.


  1. Fall down the Facebook rabbit hole

Look up people you haven’t thought of in forever and see what they’re up to. That T.A. from college you had a crush on – is he still single?


  1. Hike plus pool

Find a hike that’s also near a pool (either public or private). Work up a sweat tramping through the wilderness and then cool off by taking a dip.



Here’s to friendships where you’ve seen the best and worst of each other, so total comfort is a given. As is often said, “A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”

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