3 Changes to Make at Work If You Have Lower Back Pain

3 Changes to Make at Work If You Have Lower Back Pain

A whopping 80% of Americans suffer from back pain, resulting in spending at least $50 billion on it each year as a collective.

Much of the suffering is caused by issues that begin at work, so it’s important to make changes there as well as at home. Here are 3 ways to help your lower back stay strong, supple, and resilient.

  1. Sit properly and keep your head up

While those that spend all day at a computer are the most at risk, regardless of where you work, keep your head up and your back straight to align your spine and prevent injuries of all kinds.

The key to a straight back is engaging your core, rather than letting your back muscles do all the work (and get fatigued in the process).

If you have trouble remembering to sit up and use your abs to keep yourself upright, try using the Royal Posture. It fits under clothing, so you can wear it at work no problem. When you put it you, your muscles actually end up more relaxed, since it energizes your posture and keeps both your neck and back naturally aligned.

  1. Pick the right chair and mouse

Your seating arrangement has a lot to do with how well or poorly your neck and back are supported during the day. You want to be in a chair that gives your lower back some lumbar support, but which also allows you to tilt the back of the chair ever so slightly back, so that it’s a bit reclined. This is the right position for your back and neck.

Meanwhile, your mouse should be positioned right next to your keyboard. You want to avoid having to overreach or twist any part of your wrist, arm, or shoulder when you go to click it.

  1. Get massages

Even if you do everything right, if you’re stressed or anxious for any period of time, it’s likely to accumulate in your back, shoulders, and neck. Give yourself a break and get some support with all that tension.

While the best-case scenario is a full-body massage by a licensed professional, there is something you can do on your own that can help dramatically.

Keep a Back Nodger Self Massager at your desk. Its unique deep-pressure head and hooked handle allow to you get to just the right hard-to-reach spots in your back, neck, and shoulders. This allows to you to get at precisely where you need to without compromising your alignment by twisting and turning:

Give yourself a massage with the Back Nodger.

There’s no need to bear the weight of the world on your shoulders. But it is nice to know that there are steps you can take to protect and nurture one of the strongest parts of your body and to know that you’re the one doing so. You’ve got your back.

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