3 Gifts Grandma Will Go Gaga For

3 Gifts Grandma Will Go Gaga For

Whether you call her granny, grandma, nana, nonna, yaya, abuelita, mawmaw, baba, or something else, grandmothers are the great, lovable matriarchs of the family. Besides loving to spoil the grandchildren, they tend to keep things harmonious, gracious, warm, and happy in the home (not to mention that their cookies are always the best).

Here are 3 great gifts ideas for the great dame in your family:

1 Reversible Rain Scarf

No matter the weather, grandma will be covered when you get her this fashionable scarf-and-rain-protection in one. It’s particularly good for grandmothers who get their hair done and want to keep it as fresh as possible as long as possible.

One side is a plush, cozy scarf, which can then reverse to reveal a hair-protecting rain hood and shoulder protector. Plus, two zipper pockets make it easy for grandma to stash cash for the grandkids, ID, or keys -- or just keep her hands toasty and warm as chilly weather takes over:

Keep grandma nice and warm with the Reversible Rain Scarf



  1. The Vintage Pearl Blessed Grandma Necklace

What better way to show your love and appreciation for grandma than a classy necklace announcing her blessed grandmother status to the world? Every time she wears it, she’ll be reminded of your love and affection, and its chic style makes it easy to pair with almost any outfit.

Handcrafted in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this beautiful, hand-cast and hand-stamped washer pewter pendant features lowercase typewriter font accented with a freshwater pearl dangle:

Spoil your grandma with the Vintage Pearl Blessed Grandma necklace


  1. Elevating Leg Pillow

You want grandma to be as comfy as possible, and that includes while she’s resting around the house. She’ll love this simple foam wedge that’s specifically designed to help her soothe tired legs and relieve lower-back pressure at the same time.

Great for recovery after long days of holiday shopping, it comfortably supports calves, knees, hips and spine, while helping to reduce pain and swelling and improve circulation. It’s also good for anyone with health issues that require resting with your legs above your heart. Plus, the cover is removable for easy machine washing:

Keep grandma comfy with the Elevating Leg Pillow

“If nothing is going well, call your grandmother.” - Italian proverb

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