3 Insanely Smart Storage Hacks

3 Insanely Smart Storage Hacks

Spending time in clutter can leave you feeling drained and uninspired. Living in a clean, sleek, and well-organized environment, on the other hand, feels like a breath of fresh air.

Here are a few storage hacks that can help you keep things trim and tidy, leaving you feeling like as ordered and effective as your home.

  1. Storage Cart

Don’t have a lot of space but got a lot of little items to organize? The brilliant design of this storage cart means you can turn small spaces into clever storage. The slim, slide-out cart fits in tight places like between your washer/dryer, or next to your fridge.

Perfect for laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, garages, workshops, and closets, it also boasts smooth-rolling casters, so you can slide it on any surface and move it wherever you need it to go:

Keep things tidy with the Storage Cart.


  1. Iron Anywhere

Particularly if you’re relocating, skip schlepping a giant ironing board and opt instead for this smart mat that allows you to press things on any flat surface. Its heat-resistant bottom makes it safe on wood, marble, formica, and granite, and it folds or rolls up compactly for travel or storage.

It will stay in place, too: sewn-in magnets on each corner anchor it securely on top of washers, dryers, steel tabletops, or any other flat surface:

Ironing in small spaces just got super easy


  1. Chrome Shelf Dividers

Whether it’s for the bedroom, laundry room, or garage, there are always miscellaneous items that need to be stacked but not enough room for them. These clever dividers require no tools to install but are perfect for organizing baking pans in the kitchen, sweaters in your bedroom, or folders and books in your home office.

Simply slide this set of 4 dividers onto any shelf to create tidy vertical stacks. No more tipped-over piles to refold and restack, and the chrome-plated design is sleek and simple:

Organize your life with Chrome Shelf Dividers

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