3 Reasons an Electric Knife Is a Must for Carving Thanksgiving Turkey

3 Reasons an Electric Knife Is a Must for Carving Thanksgiving Turkey

Turkey Day is coming up rapidly and with it all the accompanying feelings of home. Whether you’re getting together with family or celebrating a Friendsgiving this year, many celebrations will include a turkey, and that means figuring out a way to carve it.

While many see a classic carving knife as the most traditional and therefore “best” option, more and more chefs and other gourmands recommend electric knives instead, and with good reason.

An electric knife is essentially two serrated blades that saw in opposite directions from one another, creating a sawing motion you can’t get any other way. Here are 3 reasons an electric carving knife is a must for carving up your Thanksgiving turkey:

Quickly cut up turkey for Thanksgiving with the Kalorik Quick Slice Electric Knife


  1. It cuts skin better

One of the best parts of an electric knife is the fact that its quick-sawing serrated blade cuts skin cleanly. Regular knives can shred, pull, or tear skin, leaving you with messy cuts of meat. By contrast, an electric knife makes nice, even slices that will be the envy of all.

Being able to cut beautiful, even slices also allows you to distribute meat fairly among all your guests. In addition, it helps you make judiciously small slices for small family members.

  1. It’s good for more than just the turkey

There’s lots to be cut on Thanksgiving Day! In addition to the big bird, there are other kinds of meat roasts, loaves of country bread, and different kinds of terrines (depending on how fancy your family gets). Electric knives are good for all these and more.

  1. It’s safer

Most electric knives include a one-touch on/off switch, which makes turning it off simple and convenient. And when the knife is not being used, you can utilize a safety lock, giving you a level of security that simply doesn’t exist with manual knives. Plus, cleaning the blades is easy; you simply release them to wash, then reinsert them to keep them tucked safely away from children, pets, and more.


Part of the fun of a classic and well put together Thanksgiving feast is how it looks. A perfectly carved turkey makes for a lovely centerpiece to a table laden with yummy goodness. You’ll love how easy an electric knife makes things, especially when it comes to carving the classic bird.

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