3 Shelving Ideas to Help You Reclaim Your Home's Vertical Space

3 Shelving Ideas to Help You Reclaim Your Home's Vertical Space

If you live in a small-ish house or apartment, chance are there’s a lot of vertical space that goes unused.

  1. Reader’s Stand

If you’re a big reader, you’ll love this one. It not only fits your treasured tomes, but you can finally take all those little things lying around the living room – papers, books, candles, mugs, and organize them.

They’ll store tidily and efficiently in this beautiful shelf that can also hold reading glasses or a nice cup of tea on top. Having all that stuff neatly tucked away will make your living space even more cozy and put together:

Make a nook extra cozy


  1. 5 Shelf Corner Unit

Any corner in your house can turn into a decorative and practical storage unit with this smart, corner unit. The best part? The units are stackable, so you can get extra storage with no extra effort.

Make use of vertical space


  1. Space Saving Shelves

The cleverest addition to any small kitchen where storage space is scarce, this smart space-saving shelf is lightweight, requires very little skill to “install”, and can be moved around as needed.

It’s the perfect solution to wanting condiments and other cooking elements nearby but not wanting to take up precious counter space for them:

Make extra use of space in your kitchen




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