4 Kitchen Gadgets That Make Life Way Easier

4 Kitchen Gadgets That Make Life Way Easier

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and making it into a space you love and enjoy goes a long way to a happy household. So don your apron and check out these items that genuinely ease the way in the kitchen.

  1. Adjustable Rolling Pin

If you’re a big baker, then you know there’s a major issue with most rolling pins: they’re one-size-fits-all when in the world of crusts and doughs, you actually need different thicknesses to create perfect pastries.

This smart Adjustable Rolling Pin gives you the ability to adjust your pin to just the right size for pies, pizza, biscuits, and more. Simply swap out the color-coded measuring rings to raise the solid beech wood pin to quickly roll dough to your required thickness. The pin is also clearly marked with inches and centimeters to guide you to perfectly sized pastry with consistent thickness every time:

Roll your dough to the perfect thickness



  1. Twist Grater


    When it comes to having an ergonomic item, your grater should be it. You can strain your wrists (setting aside the part about working up a sweat) grating incorrectly, plus you tend to miss out on some of what’s grated when it falls on the counter.

This smart grater has a swivel-handle design, which means you can rest it on the countertop while it still angles up so you can grate. It also comes with a removable plastic sheath that doubles as a blade protector and ingredient collector. Simply grate and measure foods directly into the protective plastic sheath:

Twist your way to grateness


  1. Collapsible Over-The-Sink Dish Drainer

Get rid of the moldy towel under your traditional dish drain and get your counterspace back! This smart dish drainer can stand on its own while you’re washing, but its extendable arms then let you place it over the sink for the rest of the drying process – dishes and utensils drain directly over the sink.

Plus, it collapses to one-third of its original size, making for very easy storage. It’s the ideal way to maximize counter and cabinet space while keeping things clean, hygienic, and tidy:

Save counterspace with this dish drainer


  1. Progressive Lettuce Keeper

Storing greens is always an issue since they tend to go bad so quickly. But it doesn’t have to be that way – this smart lettuce keeper keeps produce fresh in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Its built-in adjustable air vent and water reservoir create the ideal storage environment for lettuce, fruit, and vegetables, so you can enjoy fresh, salad-ready greens and produce anytime.

Bonus: the container doubles as a colander for all-in-one washing and storage:

Keep lettuce fresh for up to two weeks!

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