4 Plants to Grow in Your House for Winter

4 Plants to Grow in Your House for Winter

When the weather outside gets cold and drab, there’s nothing better than lovely, vibrant plants inside to fill your senses with energy and aliveness.

Whether you have a large or small indoor growing space, there’s something for everyone on this list.

  1. English Ivy

No matter where you place it, there’s a timeless elegance to ivy, and you simply can’t beat the way it cascades down in a pretty way. Plus, it's extremely easy to start a new plant for yourself or a friend – you just cut off a section of the stem and put it in a separate pot. After two weeks, you’ll have a new plant (instant gift!).

How to take care of it: English Ivy is good for the winter because it likes cooler temperatures, ranging from mid-50s to about 70 degrees F. Keep the soil moist.


  1. Peace Lily

The stylish white blooms provide a beautiful contrast against the dark leaves of the Peace Lily. But that’s not the only reason you’ll love it: it's easy to grow and hardy, so it’s difficult to kill it. Plus, it blooms year-round and cleanses your air. It absorbs toxins like VOC benzene, a carcinogen common in house paints and polishes, and acetone, which is emitted by electronics, glues, and some cleaners.

How to take care of it: Peace Lilies like low humidity and low light, making them perfect for rooms that don’t have a lot of windows. They want moist soil and shouldn’t be in temperatures over 65-80 degrees F.


  1. African Violet

For a splash of color in the winter, African Violets are a boon. In addition to the pretty blooms, which are shown to boost mood simply by gazing at them, African violets will also cleanse your air. They replenish oxygen in your home's air, and neutralize toxic gases such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and more.

How to take care of it: If you can, put your African violet in a pot in an over-sized tray with pebbles in it in a window that faces east. Keep water in the tray (you can water from above; the extra water will simply drain into the pebbles). In addition to being good for the plant, this will humidify your dry winter air, making it better for you and your skin. Finally, you can buy fertilizer specific to African violets (just follow label directions).


  1. Cast-iron plant

For those who want an absolutely indestructible winter plant that can withstand neglect, low light, low humidity, a dark corner, and low temperatures, this is the plant for you. It tends to grow slowly, so start with a large plant.

How to take care of it: Keep the soil evenly moist, and barely moist in fall and winter. It likes low light and temperatures of 45 – 85 degrees F.


Help yourself and your family stay cheerful and connected by bringing nature indoors this winter, keeping you company in a simple but nourishing way. Both body and soul will thank you.

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