5 Beautiful Housewarming Gift Ideas

5 Beautiful Housewarming Gift Ideas

Moving into a new place is one of life’s pleasures. Depending on the circumstances, it can also be challenging and, dare we say, stressful. So it’s all the more sweet when someone gives you the perfect housewarming gift.

In fact, a thoughtful present can be both memorable and genuinely useful to those starting on a new adventure in a new spot. Here are a few ideas for beautiful and helpful housewarming gifts.

1. Spa Room Aroma Time Diffuser

This creative and unique present is actually a two-in-one. Having a separate alarm clock on your bedside means you can turn your phone off earlier in the evening and truly unplug before bed. In this age of constant technological bombardment, it’s a precious thing to be able to do.

But that’s not all this clever item does – it’s also a diffuser, so you can get aromatherapy right in your bedroom. The recipient of your gift will be able to effortlessly scent their space with healthy and energizing essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, or lemon. Especially in the morning, this serves as a lovely pick-me-up. Ultrasonic technology releases essential oil fragrance for up to 8 hours of comforting aromatherapy:

Spa Room Aroma Time Diffuser is a diffuser and alarm clock in one.


2. Final Touch Conundrum Decanter & Glasses

Got foodies in your life? No one will be able to resist this gorgeous set of classy decanter and chic wine glasses.

Wine poured into the decanter travels strategically around the curves, aerating and oxygenating the wine – a journey that happens again when the wine is poured into the curved glasses. All told, it makes for deliciously aromatic and flavorful wine:

This decanter set provides superior aeration and delicious tasting wine.


  1. MyLight Closet Light Motion Activated

This is a smart and sophisticated gift that anyone who gets it will thank you for on a daily basis. Because it makes getting dressed for work smooth and easy (even if a significant other is still asleep), it’ll improve your recipient’s quality of life … and professional appearance.

This motion-activated closet light is comprised of a dimmable LED strip that lasts up to 30,000 hours. It requires no tools to install, turns on automatically when the sensor detects motion or light and includes an auto-shutoff timer. There’s no question this will come in handy in any new home, whether in the bedroom or some other dark nook or cranny:

Light up dark closets with the motion activated MyLight Closet Light.


  1. Storage Cart

Looking for something practical for someone moving into a small-ish place? This is a clever gift that turns tight spaces into smart storage. The slim, slide-out cart fits in between places like a washer and dryer, and its smooth-rolling casters slide on any surface, so you can use it all over:

Storage Cart allows you to have ample storage in a small space.


  1. Pocket Hose Top Brass II

Moving into a new place is the perfect time to upgrade items you use often and may get worn out.

Give outdoor-friendly friends a sophisticated upgrade to their garden hose with this ultra-light but extra-strong hose. No more kinks, tears, or unmanageable storing – its revolutionary inner tube expands with pressure and contracts for easy storage. This improved version of the original is three times stronger and comes with a brass spray nozzle with three adjustable settings:

Upgrade your regular garden hose to the super strong Pocket Hose Top Brass II.



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