5 Gifts You Can Feel Good Giving to Your Kids

5 Gifts You Can Feel Good Giving to Your Kids

As the holidays approach, everyone’s got gift-giving on the mind. And since it’s every parent’s dream to have happy, healthy children, here are some great ideas for cool, fun, and meaningful gifts for kids.

  1. Zoocchini Baby Blanket

It’s particularly important for the littlest members of your household to feel held and safe. This luxury upgrade on a security blankie is made from super-soft fleece, and comes with a cute plush animal toy attached. It’s extra comforting, and perfect for giving children a friend to hug and talk to during naps, stroller walks, or car trips:

Zoocchini Baby Blanket keeps your baby warm with an included toy


  1. Going to Grandma’s Bag

Children will love the autonomy that comes with having their very own “suitcase,” and you’ll love the autonomy that comes with having them do some of the packing themselves. The colorful vinyl is waterproof and wipe-clean, while the spacious inside easily fits jammies, a change of outfit, toys, and more:

The cutest bag to give your LO!


  1. Arcade Basketball Game

In a world where so much happens online, it’s good to get kids gifts that encourage real-world interaction. Help boys and girls alike perfect their free throws in their very own room -- they’ll love it!

An IRL game your kids will love!


  1. Game Center - 15-In-1

Speaking of playing, encourage strategic thinking and healthy competition in kids by giving them the chance to play any one of the 15 games included in this smart set. Whether it’s a game between cousins or siblings, kids will be able to keep themselves entertained at holiday gatherings, on road trips, or by the fire after a day on the slopes. No batteries, electricity, or Internet required:

Kids will be entertained for hours with 15 games, no internet required!


  1. Wallpops World Dry Erase Map

Older kids -- especially those that express interest in traveling -- will love the dry erase capabilities of this wall map. They can jot notes on it as they’re learning geography, mark places they want to visit, and have a daily reminder that they’re part of a global community as well as a local one:

Older kids can travel the world with the dry erase Wallpops map.


"Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children." - Charles R. Swindoll

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