5 Tips For A Super Safe Halloween

5 Tips For A Super Safe Halloween

It’s Halloween week and we couldn’t be more excited. But we bet we aren’t as excited as your little ghouls and goblins. But what do you do if their costume is too big? Anduh oh, their face paint won’t come off no matter what you try! We’ve got some trick-or-treat hacks that will make your Halloween night much easier.

Five Tips To Have A Super Safe Halloween

Costume Problems

Costumes that are too large are not only uncomfortable, they can be hazardous! Costumes or capes that are far too long are easily tripped over. Reach for some safety pins or double-sided tape to quickly and effectively hem the costume to a much safer length. If the costume is too big all-over, have your children wear it inside out and use safety pins to take it in in all the critical spots. No one will be able to tell! If your child’s costume comes with a mask, use face paint instead. While it may look super-cute, masks can make it hard for your child to see or even breathe. At the end of the night, scrubbing away with water may not remove all that paint—baby lotion is the way to go! Use it on a tissue and rub in circle on the painted areas; the paint will come right off.

Light Up The Night

With the sun going down so early, it can be hard for cars to see your children on the road, especially if their costumes are dark. Use glow sticks for a fun and inexpensive way to light up the night! Put around your child’s wrists and neck so they’re easy to see. Bonus! Instead of flashlights, adults can carry the Olde Brooklyn Lantern for a spooky feel. Not only does it make a great lantern for lighting up dark spaces, it makes a great Halloween prop. Think pirate or spooky graveyard keeper. 

Plan A Route

Your trick-or-treating adventure can take you several streets or even blocks away from your home. Long paths can cause sore legs and frustration, so plan out your route ahead of time for happy kids and an even happier you. Stick to familiar roads that have safe sidewalks and ample street lighting. Make sure you and your ghouls wear comfortable walking shoes, too!

Kids & Candy

All that candy! Your kids will want to eat their way through their trick-or-treat bag as soon as they get their hands on it. Avoid big belly aches by sitting down for a healthy and filling dinner before making your way out for a night of Halloween fun. When handing out treats, consider giving out non-candy options, such as small coloring books and crayons, dried fruits, and small toys.

Go As A Group

You always hear about safety in numbers and the same goes for trick-or-treating. Before you head out for a night of fun, have a group of friends with their kids over for Halloween games. If you’re feeling fancy, make it a potluck so you can all enjoy dinner together. This gives you the chance to socialize while you’re out walking with your kids, plus you’ll all be much more noticeable in a group. Your kids will love the company, too. 

So, what will you and your little ghosts dress up as? We’d love to see! Post it on our Facebook and have a happy Halloween!

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