5 Tips to Keep Clutter from Overwhelming Your Car

5 Tips to Keep Clutter from Overwhelming Your Car

Your vehicle is like your home – an extension of your castle. And when your castle is overwhelmed with clutter, it can make you feel anxious. It’s best to keep things clean and clear.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure your car stays as pristine as the driven snow.

  1. Use a backseat organizer

The back seat tends to attract all kinds of junk. If you’ve got kids, this junk then tends to accumulate to the tenth power, and often all over the floor.

Make your life easier by giving yourself (and your little ones) a place to stow all that stuff. Having little pockets where you can stash extra chapstick, tissues, gummy vitamins, and more will be a lifesaver when things get hectic. Bonus: It’s designed to hold an iPad up top, perfectly within reach of little hands that need entertaining:

Backseat Tablet Organizer keeps your backseat and car super organized and free of clutter.


  1. Keep the seats clean – proactively

When you know you’re about to get some muddy pets or teens in the car, it’s time to take action to protect those seats.

Use a Dual Purpose Cargo / Back Seat Protector to keep your back seat clean and clear of all the dirt that’s about to get tracked in, but with the option to remove it when things are back to normal. You can also use it to do the same for your trunk:

Drive through your busy day without worrying about dirt or mess with the Dual Purpose Backseat Protector.


  1. Keep clothes up off the floor

While part of keeping clutter out of the car means just that – removing it – sometimes it means keeping clutter away from what you have to put in the car.

Keep dress shirts, jackets and dry-cleaning clean, unwrinkled, and up off the floor with these ingenious Contour Car Hooks. They hold up to 25 pounds and can also prevent bags from falling over:

Keep bags off the floor with Contour Car Hooks.



  1. Use an Auto Pet Barrier

If Fido plays a part in your life, then he plays a part in your car. But when you’ve just come from the dog park and it’s been slushy, you’re going to want to ensure that he doesn’t jump up into the front seat.

Keep that space clean and clear not just for aesthetic purposes, but because it’s safer for you to not be a distracted driver:

Use the Auto Pet Barrier to close the gap between the back and front seat.


  1. Keep everything in its place

Part of keeping the car clean and clear is making sure things don’t get thrown around when you come to a sudden stop. This clever, subtle Whoaband Security Strap ensures that you can keep grocery bags, yoga mats, water bottles and more firmly in place:

WhoaBand keeps everything in its place.


There’s nothing better than a vehicle that feels spacious and spotless. This year, make it easy to keep your car as pretty as you are!

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