5 Tricks to Win The War Against Dog Fur

5 Tricks to Win The War Against Dog Fur

When you live with a pup, muddy pawprints, slobbery kisses, and fur are all facts of daily life. They’re a part of your family and at a certain point, you just accept that you take a piece of your puppy with you on your pants, sweatersand pretty much everything you own. But you don’t have to roll over and accept it (see what we did there?). How do you keep from drowning in a sea of fur? We have five ideas to help you deal with Fido’s never-ending fur.

Cover Your Furniture

Cover your furniture to protect it from dog fur! You’ve probably already given up the fight on training your pooch to stay off the furniture. And besides, he makes great company when you’re binge-watching Netflix. Protect your furniture from fur. We like the Reversible Quilted Furniture Cover because you can get one for your couch, chair, and even your loveseat. It’s easy to clean; just toss in the wash. Not only does it look nice, but it also makes a cozy place for your pup to chill and take a nap.

Protect Your Car

Go on road trips with your best friend and protect your car at the same time!
Your dog is your constant companion and your best friend, so that probably means lots of car rides. Like your furniture, cover your car seats too! We love Pet Rider because it’s great at protecting your car from even the worst puppy messes. (Yikes!) It’s super easy to install (no tools required) and you can use it in any car. No more excusesthis means more trips to the dog park!

Squeegee Your Carpet

What? Yes, you read that right. Finally, another use for that old squeegee you have laying around. Squeegees are a fantastic little tool for picking up all that fur that your vacuum can’t pick up. (This works great for cat hair as well, cat ladies!) Just “rake” the area using short, fast strokes and be prepared to be angry at your vacuum for how much hair it’s not picking up. Try this out on your next cleaning day and “oooh” and “aaah” at your squeaky clean carpet.


Use A Rubber Glove

Another carpet-cleaning trick: if you don’t have a squeegee, you probably do have a set of rubber dish gloves. Get them slightly damp and run your hands along the rug, your couch, your pants, anywhere pet hair collects (which seems to be everywhere!). Presto! So fresh and so clean with minimal effort.



Brush It Off

Be furever furless! What do you do when you’re on the move and you notice your pants and car seat are looking a little...well, shabby? We like Lilly Brush because it replaces disposable lint rollers, and it’s small enough to store in your car. We love how easy it is to use, it just takes a few quick swipes and you’ll be lint and fur free.

These tricks will help you win the ever waging war on animal fur. Let us know if you have any helpful tips up your sleeve that you use around your home.

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