5 Uplifting Movies for Long Winter Nights

5 Uplifting Movies for Long Winter Nights

When it’s chilly and wet out, your motivation level for going out dwindles until it is basically nonexistent. But have no fear! Not going out means you get to stay in, and that can be just as satisfying as a night on the town.

Here are 5 uplifting movies for long winter nights that will make you feel even better than you did when you settled into the couch with popcorn and a cuddly blanket. The best part? They’re all available on Netflix.

  1. Good Will Hunting

There’s nothing quite as comforting as watching a really excellent movie you’ve seen before but forgotten most of. This throwback is sure to please – it’s got humor, romance, purpose, therapy, apples, and love.

It’s also extra fun to see Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in their breakout film that they wrote and starred in together. There’s no way not to see it and not be reminded of how humble beginnings can lead to extraordinary success.

Talk about uplifting.


  1. Thor

Let’s be real: When it’s been cold, gray, and depressing out for a while, sometimes what you really need is a total escape.

Enter Thor. Marvel is known for combining a lighthearted hilarity with its traditional superhero components. Thor is no exception, with laugh-out-loud moments that’ll keep you happy while you root for your favorite inter-planetary crusader with the sexy accent.

Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman are both endearing and inspiring – not to mention hysterical at times. The witty and fun adventures of the God of Thunder are practically made for chasing away any lingering winter blues.


  1. Robot & Frank

This is one of the absolute best “odd couple” movie you’ve never heard of. It’s about an aging jewel thief obsessed with artificial intelligence who reacts in unexpected ways when his son gives him a robot.

While there are some really poignant moments (it’s not all laughs), it’s worth it for the relationships, the acting -- Liv Tyler and Susan Sarandon are stand-out supports -- and the overall message: that love always wins, even when it’s in weird ways.


  1. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

If you’re looking for a quirky, hopeful, yet genuinely romantic flick, this is for you. It’s an indie comedy with a fantastic soundtrack, wonderful star actors, and whole lot of soul.

When Nick realizes Norah shares his love of music, it sparks an all-night quest to find their absolute favorite band’s secret gig. The mishaps and adventures that ensue are fodder for their budding teenage romance and it’s a joy to watch.


  1. Jerry Maguire

This one never gets old, and especially not when you can jump up and join along with Cuba Gooding Jr. when he bellows, “Show me the money! Show. Me. THE MONEY!”

Really, though, this up-and-down film is true to its essence: it’s about honesty, integrity, love, loss, and redemption. It’s a great movie for reminding you about how to let go of things that don’t matter – and hold on to the things that do.

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