5 Ways To Thank A Vet on Veterans Day

5 Ways To Thank A Vet on Veterans Day

Veteran Saluting Flag

Veterans Day is celebrated every year on November 11th (which marked the end of fighting during WWI in 1918) to honor the service of US veterans. Oftentimes we honor our veterans by saying thanks. But how do you say thank you to someone who has sacrificed so much to protect the country you live? Saying a simple, “Thank you,” feels empty. So, why not do? We’ve compiled 5 ways you can thank a vet, each extending beyond the simple phrase of thank you.


Soldier with Care Package

Sending a care package to a veteran overseas or a wounded vet in the hospital is a great way to show your appreciation and support. You can even get your community or workplace involved and host a supply drive to prepare the care packages. Check out the Palmisano Care Package Project to see what supplies to add to your own (or you can donate money to help them send out care packages).


VFW Volunteers

Volunteering at a VA hospital or a VA event is a great way to learn more about our service men and women. Lend a listening ear and learn from what they say. Some may not have family that can visit often. When you volunteer through the VFW, they can connect you with volunteer opportunities that align with your interests.


Wounded Warrior Project Wreath

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to say thanks is supporting an organization where your money goes directly to veterans. Two such organizations are the Wounded Warrior Project and the Gary Sinise Foundation. Or find another one you prefer!


Hands with lightbulb

Have a specialized skill set that you can use to help a veteran? Offer it pro bono. For example, if you excel at writing, offer to write or revise a transitioning service member’s resume for them. If you have carpentry skills, consider working with Purple Heart Homes.


Transition To Civilian Life

Veterans can have a difficult time finding work after their service. They learned a particular skill set that may be difficult to translate into civilian business jargon. Hiring a vet or improving your vet hiring process is a win-win for everyone. PsychArmor offers free classes to help educate businesses about hiring veterans.


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