6 Smart and Cozy Ways to Light Your Home Up in the Winter

6 Smart and Cozy Ways to Light Your Home Up in the Winter

There’s something special about pretty lights when it’s gloomy out. They’re cheerful, sure, but there’s something more elemental about good lighting: it’s like a physical reminder of hope, and the beauty of light in the darkness.

Here are 6 particularly beautiful ways to light up your home in the winter:

  1. Real candles

There’s nothing quite like the soft glow of a candle. Get creative with your winter choices with these hand-poured, soy candles that are scented cabernet, chardonnay, or champagne. Their lovely green glass jars are made from recycled wine bottles, and their 80-hour burn time will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated, and inspired:

scented wine candle


  1. Artificial candles

When you want all the cozy glow of a real candle without any of the fire hazard it’s time to get an LED candle. You can put it anywhere – in a window, even in a child’s room – and it retains the special glow without any of the worry about the curtains going up in flames:

LED candle


  1. MyLight Bed Light Motion Activated Dual Sensor

 Getting up in the middle of the night without disturbing your significant other can be a challenge. With motion-activated sensors, this smart LED lighting can go under beds, cribs, kitchen cabinets, or bathroom vanities. It installs easily, with no tools, and turns on automatically when the sensor detects motion or light.

It’s a great way to improve your lighting and potentially your relationship at the same time:

under bed lights


  1. Battery-operated LED Pendant

There’s nothing like winter to highlight where the dark spots are in your house or apartment. Sometimes the lighting tracks just didn’t make it to that corner, or no one who originally designed the house thought the dining room table would go there exactly.

Enter an entirely wireless way of illuminating anything: this smart pendant installs with just two toggle bolts (included), no electrical skills required. Plus, you can move it around whenever you need to:

light where you need


  1. Cordless Anywhere Lamp

Similar idea -- light up your favorite reading nook with this cordless LED lamp. You don’t need an outlet nearby; you just press its convenient foot pedal to switch the light on and off. This makes it extra easy to move it around the house to wherever you need a brighter view: next to the couch, by your bed, or your cozy, comfy armchair:

cordless light anywhere you need


  1. LED Motion Sensor Lights

Perfect for illuminating stairways, doorways, closets, or dim garages, these smart lights require no wiring or outlets. You just stick them on with the included adhesive (or screws), and each light includes 5 bright LED bulbs that turn on automatically, hands-free, when they detect movement.

Make your house safer and brighter this season, and enjoy the fruits of your labor all year long:

light up stairways and more with led sensor lights


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