6 Tips for a Fun & Easy Thanksgiving Road Trip

6 Tips for a Fun & Easy Thanksgiving Road Trip

Thanksgiving is all about delicious turkey, spending time with your family, and of coursethe dreaded traffic while road trippin’ with the kids to grandma’s house. There’s no need to fret, we’ve got six travel hacks to make your trip smooth and even fun.

Drop A Pin

The average Thanksgiving long-distance road trip is 275 miles, which is nothing to sneeze at. If you’re the type of family who likes to get out and explore new towns along the way, drop a pin on Google Maps wherever you park your car. Google Maps uses GPS and will lead you right back to your car, no matter how far you strayed! You’ll be grateful it’s so easy to find later when you’re done on your adventure.  

Shoe Holder for the Essentials

Road trips with kids mean bringing lots of stuff: video games, crayons, toys, the works. It’s amazing how fast it all gets tossed around your car and inevitably lost. Easy fix: Tie a fabric shoe holder to the back of the car seat for your little ones to stash their treasures, and anything you need too, like hand wipes and garbage bags.

Write on the Windows

So you’re two hours in your four-hour road trip, you’ve drunk your Starbucks, your legs are cramped, and your children moan those terrible words, “I’m bored.” They’ve grown tired of License Plate Bingo and the batteries are dead on the Game Boy, so what’s next? Before your trip, grab a box of window markers to keep close by (here’s where that shoe holder comes in handy!). The windows are a great place to doodle and draw, and they’ll think it’s super cool.

Snack Box

Besides “I’m bored,” the second worst thing to hear is “I’m hungry.” You have a long way to go and who wants to stop for a greasy burger? Our tip: Keep a (clean) tackle box of a variety of snacks everyone can munch on. This is a really easy way to have all your healthy snacks divided up and your kids will think it’s fun to grab their personalized portion. Think small, bite-sized snacks that fit in the compartments like apple slices, goldfish, grapes, or pretzels.

Be Prepared for Tolls

Road trips mean highways and that means paying tolls. If you generally use an EZ Pass, keep spare dollar bills in your car within easy reach. (Pro tip: use an old candy container to keep spare cash.) Only 14 states accept EZ Pass on the East Coast (really!) and it’s better than getting a ticket.

Hang Your Phone 

Bondi Cell Phone Holder is a great accessory for your smartphone! Your phone is used for literally everything today. We think a cool little helper is the Bondi Cell Phone Holder. Slip your phone in and you can hang it anywhere! Best part is it’s super cute, too. Bondi works great for holding open a page on a book or map, holding your iPod, and you can even hang it from your pants loop.

Are you hitting the road this Thanksgiving? Let us know how you survive the journey!

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