6 EASY Ways to Light Up Your Yard This Spring

6 EASY Ways to Light Up Your Yard This Spring

It's Time to Get Outside & Enjoy the Spring Beautiful Evenings: Now, HERE's what You NEED to Make It Happen...

We've been cooped up inside all winter, but now it's time to hang outside on the patio or deck and enjoy these gorgeous spring nights! But you're going to need to see what you're doing, so, here's 6 essential ways to light up your yard so you can enjoy spring even after dark:


  1. Dynamic Duo Floodlights

Safety first. Before getting into more stylish options, make sure you’ve got the basics covered. Add instant security with no complex wiring with these extra-bright LED floodlights that are motion-sensor, so they automatically turn on and off. Plus they’re weather-resistant and swivel to adjust to almost any angle.

Light up the night with Dynamic Duo


  1. Solar-charged LED Lamp Post

Want something practical yet classy? Look no further. Because this is sun-powered, it requires no outlets or extension cords. Put it anywhere for a chic, old-fashioned look. You can stake it into the ground or mount it on wood with included hardware.

For a classy look, try the Solar Charged LED Lamp Post.



  1. Solar Rope Lights

 Again, when it comes to lighting the yard, solar-powered lights are hard to beat, given that they require no extension cords or outlets. Use these cute rope lights wherever you want – on your hedges, along the edge of the deck, or wherever else you want an extra glow.

For extra flair, try Solar Rope Lights.


  1. Ceramic Solar Lanterns

 These lovely lanterns make a beautiful addition to your festive spring deck atmosphere. Their integrated solar panels turn on automatically at dusk, and they can be set to either white or color-changing lights. Built-in loops make it easy to hang them on trees or umbrellas, or just place them on a flat surface for a warm glow.

2_Ceramic Solar Lantern €“ Set of 2_lifestyle_1024


  1. Solar Pathway Lights

 Need to light up the walkway? Use these smart solar-powered lights that come in a set of 4. With no wires, plugs, or cords to deal with, you can just stick them in the ground and they will charge up their 8 long-lasting LED bulbs for you. Move them around at will.

Light up your walkway with Solar Pathway Lights.


  1. Atomic Beam Lantern

When brightness is the goal, you simply can’t beat the Atomic Beam military-grade lantern. Its ultra-bright 360-degree LED light source is waterproof, weather-resistant, and built to withstand high-impact falls. Brighten up the yard with this incredibly light-weight and easy-to-use lantern.

Ultratough, military grade Atomic Beam Lantern


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