6 Winter-Themed Recipes You'll Love

6 Winter-Themed Recipes You'll Love

There are a lot of reasons to appreciate winter cooking. It’s hale and hearty and cozies up any kitchen in a hurry. Here are 6 just such winter-themed recipes you’ll love both cooking and eating.

1. Egg Snowmen

Going to a potluck? Kids and adults alike will go nuts for these cute little snowmen made from hard-boiled eggs, carrots, and peppercorn. While they look incredibly time-intensive to make, they’re actually not – they’re simple and only require a few ingredients. Grab the recipe from roxyskitchen.com.


2. Buffalo & Black Bean Chili

This is a creative take on traditional chili – buffalo is not only healthier than beef (it’s naturally lower in fat but with the same or more protein), but the spices in this recipe include two types of chili powder, as well as cocoa powder and espresso powder. It all makes for a memorable and unique contribution to your winter arsenal.

Pro tip: Be sure to leave enough time to make this one. It’s best when you simmer for close to an hour before serving. If you do happen to need it quickly, just halve the liquid and simmer for 20 to 25 minutes before serving. Full recipe here.


3. Skillet Gnocchi with Chard & White Beans

When you be kinda fancy but don’t want to use too many dishes, make this. You do it all in one skillet, and you get dark leafy greens as well as white beans (hello good vitamins and protein) all in one place. Plus the gooey mozzarella on top is sure to please. Full recipe here.


4. Chicken & Spinach Soup with Fresh Pesto

This is another upscale-seeming- but-easy- to-make dish. It’s a yummy-smelling, Italian-flavored soup that pairs skinless chicken breast with spinach and beans for a healthy but delicious flavor.

If you can, make the simple homemade basil pesto to swirl in at the end for a lovely fresh herb taste. Pressed for time? Just sub in a few tablespoons of store-bought pesto instead.

Pair it with a freshly-baked baguette for a truly Italian feel. Full recipe here.


5. Dad's Leftover Turkey Pot Pie

When you’ve got to feed a crowd, there’s nothing better than a main dish that’s both delicious and filling. This pot pie serves no fewer than 12, and you can throw in whatever leftover veggies you’ve got, making it the perfect end-of- the-week dish to help use up whatever you need to. Courtesy of AllRecipes.

What you’ll need:

5 cups veggies (frozen or not)

2/3 cup butter

2/3 cup chopped onion

2/3 cup all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon ground black pepper

1/2 teaspoon celery seed, onion powder, and Italian seasoning

1 3/4 cups chicken broth

1 1/3 cups milk

4 cups cubed cooked turkey meat - light and dark meat mixed

4 (9 inch) unbaked pie crusts

Grab the rest of the directions here.


6. Sweet Potato Soufflé

Root vegetables are a classic winter pick, and when you want a dish that can double as either savory or sweet, this is the one you should pick. It’s rich, hearty, comforting, and delicious. Plus, it takes almost no time to put together. Full recipe here.

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