7 Creative Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

7 Creative Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

While dinner and a movie is classic, there are lots of other ideas for how to spend an enjoyable, romantic, and unforgettable Valentine’s Day. Here are 7 ways to spend a lovely day of love.

  1. Rent a super creative Airbnb

You don’t even need to leave your city or town – there are probably plenty of surprisingly creative places right in your vicinity. Find a unique and romantic tree house, Italian villa, or snug log cabin with a fireplace that you’ve always wanted to live in. There’s something about getting out of your normal home environment that feels special, even if all you end up doing is cozying up by the fire.


  1. Host an intimate dinner party

Who says you have to go out to dinner to have fun? Especially if you have a few single friends, hosting a sweet Valentine’s Day party can be really fun and meaningful. Bonus idea: incorporate a little competition, like everyone bringing a love-themed dessert.


  1. Attend some crazy local event

You’d be surprised at how many cities and towns host something creative and kind of, well, strange for Valentine’s Day. For example, in San Francisco there’s an annual flash-mob Valentine’s Day pillow fight. New York City is hosting an art installation in honor of immigrants for Valentine’s Day this year. Do a little research on what’s going on in your area and enjoy!


  1. Overnight camping trip

If you live somewhere a bit warmer, an overnight backpacking trip can be exceedingly romantic. Spending time together in nature, not to mention in a zipped-up sleeping bag, can be both memorable and meaningful. So fill your packs with essentials (don’t forget a surprise bottle of bubbly) and go on an adventure. Falling asleep under the stars is pretty unbeatable.


  1. Do a house project together

While it may sound strange, science shows that completing a project together is very bonding. And if you’re in a long-term relationship, there’s likely a big or series of small projects you’ve (both) been putting off. Have you had painting the living room, putting up curtains, or repotting the houseplants on your list for ages? Make Valentine’s Day the day -- put on some music, pop some champagne, and connect while you make your living space even more beautiful and polished.


  1. Get tattoos together

If you want to do something truly unforgettable together, get inked! It doesn’t have to be matching, and it doesn’t even need to be a tattoo – it could just be a piercing. But doing something slightly risky and seemingly permanent is sure to get your dopamine going. Plus, holding one another’s hands while the deed gets done can be super sweet.


  1. Stay in and play board games

It’s almost impossible to get a dinner reservation on February 14th, so skip it! Order in and spend the evening playing board games like Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, or even Jenga. You’re guaranteed to laugh and maybe even end up smooching over the roll of the dice.

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