7 Items to Help You be Healthier & Happier in the New Year

7 Items to Help You be Healthier & Happier in the New Year

It’s 2017! Time to let go of anything that didn’t serve you last year and build a gracious new future for yourself. Here are some things to help you maximize your “new you” as you move into a new year.

  1. Smart snack storage

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to eat healthier, you need a practical way to eat healthy food throughout the day. This is because it’s when we get crazy with hunger that we’re likely to gorge. Instead of stuffing yourself when you get home because your blood sugar is low (and has been for hours), use these small ramekins to bring portions of healthy snacks to keep at your desk. Our favorites: coconut flakes, pine nuts, and raisin mixes, greek yogurt, and apple slices.

Store snacks in ramekins!


  1. Z Band

 Got a snorer in your household? Not only is snoring unhealthy for the person snoring, but it can be a sleep-stopping nuisance for those around them. The Z Band is a comfortable one-piece strap that gently cradles the jaw in just the right position to stop snoring safely. It prevents the soft tissues in the back of your throat from relaxing and creating the noise, and the stretchy fabric means it will fit well and won’t slip no matter how much you toss or turn.

Z Band helps prevent snoring


  1. Elevating Leg Pillow

Speaking of being in bed, if you’ve ever come home to relax at the end of the day and needed to elevate your feet, you know how difficult it can be to do so with “regular” pillows. This special foam pillow is just the right shape to soothe tired legs and relieve lower-back pressure. It’s good for recovering from long days on your feet at work or play, and also makes a great post-sports recovery tool for runners, cyclists, hikers and more.

Elevating Leg Pillow keeps you comfy and relaxed in bed


  1. Night Runner

If you’re going to exercise outside in the next few months, chances are it will be dark when you’re doing so. Be safe during pre-dawn or nighttime runs with Night Runner lights on your shoes. They light your path and show drivers where you are, with water-resistant units that shine up to 30 meters, while back-facing red lights alert motorists behind you of your presence, as well.

Night Runner lights up your path for safer runs.


  1. Ultrasonic LED Cool Mist Air Humidifier

Dry winter skin can lead to or exacerbate all kinds of health issues, including allergies, dry skin, eczema, flu, colds, and more. Add moisture and aromatherapy to the air in your home with this sleek humidifier that doubles as a diffuser. In addition to humidifying, it allows you to release healing scents into the air, like lemon or eucalyptus. Its color-changing LED light boosts the calming effect, while its sleek, quiet design makes it a low-profile but high-impact part of any winter environment.

Breathe easy with the LED Humidifier.


  1. Red Copper Pan

Looking to lose weight? Give yourself an easy boost with this non-toxic, non-stick cookware that helps you limit your use of oils and butter. Because it’s an entirely ceramic pan infused with tough-grade copper, you also won’t scratch Teflon into your food, making everything healthier right off the bat. You can even use it in the oven, so healthy frittatas, here you come:

Cook healthier meals with Red Copper Pan!


  1. Instant Heat Blanket

Part of staying healthy (especially in the winter) is staying warm. You want to give your immune system every boost possible when bugs are going around. Electric blankets are great for this, but the cords aren’t so great. Add a layer of cozy comfort wirelessly, with this clever blanket whose metallized liner reflects your own body heat back to you. Keep one in the car for winter emergencies, or reduce your heating bill without sacrificing comfort:

Add instant warmth with Instant Heat Blanket.


A very healthy and happy new year to you!

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