7 Products That Will Turn Anybody Into a Handyman

7 Products That Will Turn Anybody Into a Handyman

Want to look like an incredible Mr. or Ms. Fix-It without having to go to carpentry school or study to become an electrician? Of course you do! Here are 7 must-haves for getting things done around the house like a boss.

  1.  Lazer Bond USA

When things break, it can be messy and annoying to use glue to put them back together. Lazer Bond USA isn’t a glue, but it creates an airtight bond on glass, plastic, and more. How? It’s actually a liquid resin that you activate with a special UV light, which then forms a bond in just 3 seconds. Use it to fix reading glasses, hose leaks, air mattresses, and more, quickly and effortlessly.

Mend anything with ease with Lazer Bond USA!



2. Flex Light Strips

If you want the sleek, chic look of under-cabinet lighting without paying thousands of dollars, use these clever, stick-on LED strips. They illuminate small spaces like inside or underneath kitchen cabinets, cupboards, or desks, yet require no wiring or electricity. The bulbs stay bright and cool for up to 100,000 hours.



3. Kelvin 23

This super-gadget holds an impressive 23 tools in one, including a tape measure, liquid level, carbon-steel hammer, LED flashlight, and screwdriver with 16 bits (Phillips head, flathead, hex, square, etc.). Assemble furniture, tighten knobs, hammer nails and more without having to grab for multiple tools.

Kelvin has 23 tools in one


4. Etape digital measuring tape

The smart measuring tape, its digital readout eliminates guesswork, remembers previous measurements, converts from inches to feet, centimeters, and decimals, measures inside and outside, and more. It even calculates midpoints for easy picture hanging.

Eliminate guesswork with Etape.


5. Superzilla

Everyone wants a clean house and garage, but no one wants to breathe in harsh chemicals or leave them around for little ones to get into. Superzilla is a strong yet nontoxic cleaner made from entirely plant-based materials. Its nonhazardous, nonflammable, noncorrosive liquid can lubricate, penetrate, clean, and protect everything from your bike chain to a graffiti-covered wall. The USDA-certified formula has no petroleum and cleans up with soap and water.

Clean with the power of green

6. Hang-o-matic

 Hang shelves or decorations like a pro with this smart, all-in-one tape measure, level, and wall marker. Use it to measure, level, and make subtle marks on your wall to place nails, screws, or wall anchors right the first time. It's perfect for hanging small or large photographs, paintings, mirrors, and shelves.

Hang pictures perfectly the first time.


7. Battery operated scone/task lighting

Make it look like you had a designer class up your home with this chic, wireless lighting perfect for hallways, entryways, or outdoor spaces. It takes just minutes to install, yet provides up to 200 hours on one set of 6 AA batteries. A built-in timer can shut it off after 4 hours, saving even more energy.

Battery Operated LED Wall Sconce is easy to install and provides beautiful lighting.

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