7 Ways to Organize Your Life in the New Year

7 Ways to Organize Your Life in the New Year

Admit it, we all love the new year because we get to start fresh. Did you make any resolutions this year? Ours always range from starting an exercise routine, a fancy new health food regime, and of course, attempting to organize and declutter our homes. From your closets to your kitchen, to your car – here are our 7 smart solutions to organizing your life.

Store and organize up to 24 pairs of shoes!

Storage Shoe Rack

Shoes! We ALL have far too many and the precious space at the bottom of our closets gets overwhelmed with all the clutter. Now organize your kicks with this sleek, easy-to-assemble rack. You can customize the rack and stack it any way that works for you. It holds up to 24 pairs of shoes. Bonus - stores all your sweaters, too!



Organize your closet by creating vertical storage space!

Chrome Shelf Dividers

The only monsters in your closet are all those bulky sweaters and handbags. Trust us, we understand. Creating tidy, vertical storage is the way to go to tame the beast. The set of 4 shelf dividers also works great for sheets, towels, baking pans (cupcakes, anyone?), cookbooks and more. Get some for the bedroom closet, linen closet, office or kitchen.



Organize up to a week's worth of outfits!

Clothes Rack

You can really get organized and tackle the new year with the super helpful Clothes Rack. On Sunday, get ready for the entire week by prepping and hanging all your outfits in one easy spot - imagine all the time you'll save throughout the week! Use it to hang freshly ironed duds, too.



Organize and preserve family photos.


Photo Chest

Raise your hand - who has shoeboxes full of old family photos you’ve been meaning to sort? Get to work, organize, and preserve an incredible 1600 photos. Works great for scrapbook supplies for the crafty folk!


Store all your wrapping supplies in one space!

Gift Wrap Organizer

How cool. This double-sided wrapping station stores everything - and we mean everything. Wrapping paper, tape, cards, bags, plus a super convenient ribbon compartment. Even better, it hangs up so it's out of the way and not taking up space. No need to scramble and search when it's time to wrap a present!



Keep tablet and snacks nice and organized.



Backseat Tablet Organizer

Road trips with kids are a little...hectic. It can be hard to keep them (and you) happy but we’ve got just the thing. Tablets, snacks, and other on-the-go gear are safe and snug with this amazing organizer. Slip an iPad or other tablet into the top pocket. The framed construction holds it securely while allowing cable and touchscreen access. It’s a win-win when your trip is a blast and your backseat passengers stay busy, content, and tidy.

Get a handle on desk clutter!

Screen Shelf

Your desks can become a magnet for clutter (seriously, where does it all come from?). You may not be a magician but you can make space out of thin air with this handy spot to keep your stuff. It’s so much easier to work at a cleaner desk, don’t you think?

Do you have a great way to overcome the clutter? We’d love to hear about them! Share your tips, tricks, and hints in the comments below!

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