Be a Grill Master: Tips & Tools for a Brilliant BBQ Event

Be a Grill Master: Tips & Tools for a Brilliant BBQ Event

Summertime is grilling season! There’s nothing better than biting into a perfectly grilled hamburger or ‘dog as you watch the sun go down on a long summer evening.

A foolproof grilling event starts even before the guests even show up. Here are a few tips and tricks for stellar BBQs all summer long.

Tip #1: Clean the grill like a maestro

The most important thing when it comes to food prep is safety;, and staying sanitary while grilling means being able to get all the accumulated gunk and food off the grill. The GrillFloss Grill Cleaner helps you do just that. It’s designed to reach around all sides of round grill grates, allowing you to easily scrape off even the most caked-on grease and meats. Plus, it has no wire bristles that can break off and get into food.

Keep your grill clean the easy way with Grill Floss.


Tip #2: Fire things up without chemicals

Once you’ve got a fresh, clean, grill, it’s time to light it up! Use a high-heat wand like the Fire Charcoal Starter Wand to get things going quickly and safely. No need for the harsh chemicals in lighter fluid; simply switch the wand on to ignite charcoal, wood chips, chunks, or pellets. Flip another switch to blow the flames to ignite other unlit charcoal.

Pro tip: Once coals are lit, put woodchips over the wand’s tip to blow woodsy smoke onto food for delicious smoky flavor:

Get your grill going with the Fire Up Starter Wand.



Tip #3: Save space on the grill like a boss

While many grills are round, skewers are often straight, which can make for a space issue. No more! Whether you’re grilling meat or veggies, Flexible Wire Skewers make it easy to loop food around the grill, making room for juicy steaks and other meat in the middle. Plus, the extra long extra-long stainless steel skewers can help fit food in marinade bags in ready-to- grill fashion:




Tip #4: Keep things going even after the sun goes down

Some of the best moments at the BBQ happen after dark. But grilling can be challenging when you can’t gauge the pinkness of meat or the done-ness of veggies due to a lack of light. Grillight Barbecue Tools make it easy for chefs to stay on top of things long into the night. Take your grilling to the next level with tongs and spatulas with built-in LED lights. Besides impressing your guests, you’ll be able to keep serving up tasty morsels all night long:

Man up the grill all night long with Grillight Barbecue Tools.


Mastering the grill will let you enjoy the rest of the thrills of the BBQ: Splashin’ in the pool, playing the kids’ games, or just chillin’ on the hammock admiring your perfectly cooked burger.

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