Celebrate Chocolate Day

Celebrate Chocolate Day

Today at BulbHead we invite you to indulge -- it’s Chocolate Day! Chocolate is, hands down, America’s favorite flavor. It’s in everything from cereal, cakes, candies, ice cream, to so much more. Surely a flavor of such high caliber deserves its very own special day of celebration. Sip on chocolate milk, treat yourself to a chocolate ice cream cone at lunch, snack on some chocolate-covered raisins, you get the idea. The possibilities for snacking are endless! Today we’re celebrating sweet, delicious chocolate by sharing fun ways you can enjoy this delectable treat with your friends, family, and coworkers.

Celebrate Chocolate Day by crafting a perler bead bowl! Get creative for Chocolate Day by crafting your very own candy bowls. First, get a big tub of perler beads, an oven-safe glass bowl, and cooking spray. Spray your glass bowl with the cooking spray and then dump your perler beads inside. Press down until you have one solid layer of beads and until they start to climb up the sides of your bowl. Just make sure they’re in one layer! Bake in the oven at 375° F for 12 to 14 minutes. Keep your eye on it. The plastic beads will melt, forming a super fun bowl shape. Using oven mitts, c<a href=arefully take your glass bowl out of the oven. Pop the perler bead bowl out of the glass. Tada! You have a brand new colorful candy holder. Let cool and display your treats.

Yummy Go Round is the perfect way to share candies and other treats with your friends. Yummy Go Round is perfect for sharing candies. It’s conveniently sized – bring it to the office to share with your coworkers! Three spacious sections let you add your favorite chocolates and other snacks. Mix and match snack-time with just a turn of the dispenser. It’s simple to refill and swap out the snacks when you need something different. It doesn’t get any easier than that!


Are you waiting for a special day? Make a calendar to mark off the days and to have a treat while you're counting down. Go the DIY route and make a calendar on your wall using cute envelopes or small boxes, placing a small candy inside each. You’ll have a yummy-something to look forward to each day before the big event.

Here at BulbHead, we love our sweets (they’re all over the office!). Overwhelmingly, the favorite candy around here is Sour Patch Kids. As for chocolates, we’re a bit more versatile – we love Gertrude Hawk, Godiva, Toblerone, and Baby Ruths.
We’d love to hear, what’s your favorite candy? How will you celebrate this delicious holiday?

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