Do Your Furbabies Need Sunscreen?

Do Your Furbabies Need Sunscreen?

Sunscreen for pets, what? Yes, it's true! Your adorable furbabies need protection from the sun just like us. Like humans, our critters can experience painful sunburn and can even get skin cancer—oh no! Today at BulbHead, we'll give you some tips and tricks on how to select a sunscreen for your pooch or kitten so they're well protected and kept safe.

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Kitty Cat Club
You may not be taking your cat on long hikes like your dog, but cats love to lounge in the sun or hang out on the window sill, exposing them to long periods of harmful UV rays. Cats, especially white-colored kitties, are likely to get cancer on the tips of the ears called squamous cell carcinoma when they've had long period exposure to the sun. Apply a specially formulated sunscreen to your cat. Since they are such attentive groomers, you don't want them to ingest something that could be dangerous. Reduce exposure to harmful UV rays by applying sunscreen frequently and by adding shades or a reflective film on your windows to filter out the sun.

Protect Your Pooch
If you take your furry friend on long walks, hikes, and other outdoor adventures, he's probably at risk for UV damage. Light skinned dogs are particularly at risk. Apply sunscreen to the bridge of his nose, tips of his ears, and belly. Be sure to provide your puppy with ample shade in the summer months and plenty of water. Reapply sunscreen every 4 to 6 hours.

How to Buy
It is recommend by vets that sunscreens for your pets contain the equivalent UVA and UVB barriers of human SPF 15 or SPF 30. They should always be hypoallergenic, and both dye and fragrance free. If you're unable to find a suitable sunscreen specifically for your pooch, it's acceptable to use a product manufactured for babies. Cats may be more sensitive to ingredients in sunscreen and may be more likely to ingest products applied topically, however, so sunscreens for cats should be manufactured specifically for them if possible. You should never use sunscreen that contains the active ingredient Octyl Salicylate, nor should you use products that contain zinc oxide on cats or dogs. If your pet has a rash or reaction to any sunscreen you apply, immediately wash the product off and contact your vet immediately.

It's important to note that this applies to winter sunshine, too!

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