Easy Summer Cleaning Tips

Easy Summer Cleaning Tips

There’s no season quite like summer. It’s time to leave the house and enjoy the hot weather and sunshine. Whether it’s taking a nice long hike, play baseball, or relax on the beach, there’s a whole world out there to enjoy in the summer sun. But what happens when you return home? You bring with you a whole slew of dirt and sand. Yuck. Forget spring cleaning, today we'll be sharing summer cleaning tips to get rid of the outdoor dirt.

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Hurricane Spin Mop makes summer cleaning a breeze! How do you clean your hardwood and tile floors when you drag in dirt and dust from the trail? Your old mop probably makes your floors even dirtier. Plus, it's gross reaching into that yucky bucket to manually ring it out. With Hurricane Spin Mop, you can clean and polish your floors like a pro, plus never have to touch a dirty mop again. The Hurricane Spin Mop and bucket system flawlessly cleans and scrubs due to its well-crafted spin head mechanism. It picks up dirt and grime, then spins it away! The microfiber material absorbs 10 times its weight, trapping dirty water on the inside. Dip it in the washer side and the mess releases into bucket. Then place it on the other side, push the foot pedal to spin away excess dirt and water. The mop is drip-free when it returns to your floors. It's the best way to clean up summer dirt and grime. Plus we think it makes mopping fun!

Summer cleaning with the Manual Rug Shampooer

Now that your hardwood and tile floors are taken care of, what about your carpets? Our Manual Rug Shampooer gets the job done quickly and painlessly. This handy rug shampooer beats those bulky carpet cleaners, its cordless, compact, and light -- it only weighs 3 pounds! Fill with water and the included carpet shampoo and get to work cleaning out summer dirt stains and dirt. Simply spray with a press of a button on the handle as you roll back and forth. The bristles clean deep down while absorbent foam pads soak up extra moisture leaving you with clean and sparkling carpets.

Next up, your furniture! You can easily make your own DIY furniture polish without all the nasty chemicals, plus it saves you money (which is a win-win in our book). In a spray bottle, combine one cup olive oil with one quarter cup white vinegar. Spray your homemade solution onto a cloth (never spray directly onto the furniture) then work it in, going with the grain. Voila. Beautiful and clean polished furniture with polish that you made yourself.

Do you have any tips and tricks to clean up summer dirt? Share with us in the comments and happy cleaning!

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