February 20th is "Love Your Pets Day!" Here are 3 Ways to Do Just That

February 20th is

Whether you have a cat, dog, pheasant or pet kangaroo, domesticated animals are a loving and welcome addition to any home. They provide endless joy, entertainment, and a constant reminder of what really matters in life: connection.

So as Love Your Pets Day approaches, here are a few ways to show them the love they so often show you.

1. Be present

In the same way your partner craves your quiet, undivided attention (i.e. when you’re not looking at your phone), your pet can feel when you’re present with him/her. Follow your pet’s lead and learn to just be still and quiet with them. If they’re an affectionate animal, cuddle up and just breathe for a while.

You’ll get major benefits from this, too: closeness releases oxytocin (the bonding chemical), which relaxes your whole body and mind. It leaves you rested and rejuvenated – something that doesn’t happen if you’re anxiously scanning Twitter or YouTube. Most important, you’ll be giving your pet the soft, simple gift of your presence.

2. Be mindful of their environment

In the winter, would you want to go outside barefoot, or lay down on a chilly hardwood floor? In the summer, would you want to wear a fur coat everywhere, with no way of carrying your own water bottle?

Adjust your environment to accommodate your pet’s needs by really, truly considering what their life is like down there. For example, if you’ve noticed your cat likes to gaze out the window, get him or her a Paw Print Shelf With Warmer:

If your pooch loves playing fetch but you’re not always around, try setting them up with an iFetch Ball Launcher Dog Toy:

Pups go crazy for iFetch!

Or help Fido cool down in the summer if you like to go on long hikes, with an ArcticBlu Dog Cooling Coat:

Cools down hot dogs


The more you put yourself in your pet’s paws, the more comfortable and happier they’ll be.

3. Do a little training every day.

The key thing here is consistency. Positive reinforcement is one of the best to train pets (not to mention humans) so be sure to be consistent and straightforward about rewarding behavior you want. Healthy training has also been shown to help strengthen the human/animal bond, so you’re creating a more loving connection while also giving your pet the right information about how to keep you happy.

It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks, so never stop trying!

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