How to Refresh Your Porch for Summertime

How to Refresh Your Porch for Summertime

In these warm summertime months, we can’t seem to stay away from the outdoors. Your very own porch can be a prime hangout spot. There’s nothing better than inviting some friends over and enjoying an ice cold beverage of choice with a burger in the nice warm weather. But if you look outside and cringe, your outdoor space may be in need of a makeover. The porch is an extension of the house so decorate wisely! We’ve compiled a list of handy tips to make decorating this small space even easier.

1. Screen It In

One of the only bad things about summer is the bugs. Keep critters at bay by screening your porch in. This is a simple and inexpensive solution that will allow you to enjoy your porch for as long as you want without being bugged out by the bugs. Best of all, you can have meals without worrying about creepy crawlies trying to sneak a bite.

2. Add Curtains

Curtains add a pop color to your outdoor space but they also add much needed privacy from nosy neighbors, especially if you live in an apartment with a small patio space. The lady next door doesn’t need to be at every BBQ, don’t you agree? Simply shut the drapes when you need a bit of alone time with your pals and your neighbors will hopefully get the hint! They can come to the next gathering.

 3. Go Green

Plants add a breath of life no matter where they’re placed and your porch is no exception. Get creative: hang them from the ceiling, get pretty painted pots, window boxes, or make your own planters from recycled tires. You’d be surprised how quickly a space is revitalized by plants and flowers. Just make sure you get the appropriate plants for sun or shade and they’re always well-watered.

 4. Warm It Up

When your hangouts go on well after the sun has gone down and there’s bit of a chill in the air, you’ll be glad you have a fire pit! This also allows your porch to become a hangout area in the winter months.  Your choices are limitless in this department; you can build your own or purchase a simple gas burning fire pit or an extravagant wood burning pit. Of course, always be careful when fires are lit and fully extinguish when you're finished.

 5. Light It Up

What’s a porch without some soft lighting? Brighten up a railing, door frame, or the shrubbery with the wireless LED Solar Bling Lights. These convenient 25 foot lights charge during the day with a discrete solar panel. They automatically switch on at night to create a lovely and warm ambiance. They can be set to blink, flash or stay solid. Your porch will look ultra-cozy with a soft glow.

It doesn’t take much to turn your porch from dull to dazzling. A few simple tricks will make it the prime spot to hang out this summer.

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