4 Clever Ways to Avoid Heat Stroke

4 Clever Ways to Avoid Heat Stroke

September's almost here which means it's time for back-to-school, unpacking your long sleeves from storage, and pumpkin-flavored everything. But don't get excited just yet. It's still summer, which means you could be at risk for heat stroke! It's still hot. Today we'll be sharing simple and effective ways you can beat the heat and live a little more comfortably. It's almost autumn, you'll make it. Read on.

Avoid heat stroke with these clever tips!
Cool Off
Have some washcloths handy? Run them under water then place in your freezer. When the heat is simply unbearable, place the frozen washcloth on your wrist, right by your pulse. The washcloth will cool the blood in your veins, making you feel a whole lot better. Don't have any washcloths? Use an ice pack for instant relief. Or you can run your wrists under cold water for 30 seconds. Another option for keeping cool is to keep any lotions or eye creams you normally use in the fridge before use. Your tired and puffy eyes will thank you!

Order Take Out
Cooking or using your oven generates unnecessary heat and can make your home feel even hotter. If you're on a budget and take out isn't your thing, whip up room temperature meals to satisfy your cravings. (We recommend salads of all types!) Or if you have one, fire up the grill instead.

Set Up Camp
If you have access to a safe place to sleep outside, we encourage you to go for it. Escape the heat in the house and take advantage of the lower temp at night and the cool breeze. Use an air mattress, set up a net to keep yourself safe from pesky bugs and catch some Zs. Be prepared for an early morning with the sun rising, though!

Cool Ride keeps your car cool and comfortable on hot summer days. Cool Ride
There's nothing worse than getting into a hot car that's been sitting in the sun for hours. You can keep your parked car cool and comfortable with Cool Ride.  Just place it on your window's ledge and the sun will power the fan to remove hot, stale air from your car without draining your car battery.

If you follow these tips, and of course, stay hydrated by drinking water, you'll stay cool and safe and avoid heat stroke during the hot months. What are your favorite ways to beat the heat?

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