Four Ways to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

Four Ways to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

Each year, 15 million Americans become victims of identity theft, with losses totaling upwards of $50 billion dollars. That's no joke. Don't become the next victim! What are you doing to protect yourself? We want to help, so today we are sharing four great BulbHead products that can help you win the fight against identity theft and protect you and your family.

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Protect your identity with the Aluma Wallet!

Your cards, IDs, and other belongings will remain safe and secure in this super sturdy aluminum wallet. The Aluma Wallet is durable, crush-free, water-resistant, and nearly indestructible. Best of all, the Aluma Wallet offers ID protection with its easy snap closure and RFID blocking feature.


Buxton Palm Wallet protects you from identity theft while keeping your cash and credit cards safe. Buxton Palm Wallet neatly organizes your cash, credit cards, and receipts; plus it helps safeguard your identity, too! Inside, security aluminum lining blocks handheld RFID scanners that identity thieves use to "read" credit cards. Fill it up and zip it closed; Buxton Palm Wallet holds everything you need but takes up less space.


telepurseCarry all of your essential items in a small and convenient cross-body bag meant specifically for your mobile phone and other necessities. No need for a bulky purse, the Telepurse holds everything you need from cards, cash, and keys to loose items and, of course, your cell phone! The cross body feature allows your purse to stay close and secure; thieves won't be able to snatch it and run.


card lockYour credit and debit cards are 100% protected from wireless credit card theft with Card Lock.  These stylish credit card sleeves prevent the RFID scanner technology that hijackers use to "skim" and steal your card information. Card Lock comes in stylish colors and patterns and look great in your wallet. Shop and spend confidently knowing that you’ll never be a victim of credit card or identity theft again.

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