Get and Keep Curly Hairstyles...Without the Frizz

Get and Keep Curly Hairstyles...Without the Frizz

You want supple, shiny curls…not manic, out-of-control frizz. These simple tips are sure to keep your curls full of bounce and moisture; and you probably have a lot of these helpful hair care products already!

Got no natural curl? Always bang out your style with a reliable curling wand, like California Curls.

If you are using a device that overheats or sticks to your hair, you're doomed to execute frizz, split ends and - gasp! - that revolting smell of burning hair.

Of course, the health of your curls starts earlier, when you wash. Use a shampoo and conditioner that's specially crafted for curly hair (or would-be curly hair). And always finish your conditioning with a cool rinse. We've heard that cool water on your hair at the end of your shower rewards you with amazing shine.

Never rub your hair. That creates friction, which can damage soft strands. Instead, wrap your hair with a towel and gently press or squeeze out excess water.

Naturally curly manes that do not require curl manufacturing, also do not require synthetic protection from the heat of a curling iron or hot brush. For those of us who curl by hand (don't be shy...this isn't a personal defect!), try using a hair lotion or another product intended to protect hair from heat styling.

Once your natural or styled curls are dry and ready, keep them moist and supple throughout the day by spritzing a children's detangler into the palm of your hand and running it through your spiral strands. This will give you a shine boost along with a frizz zap. No detangling spray? A light, non-greasy lotion on your hands, lightly applied to hair can also do the trick.

Finally, if all your efforts to tame your frizz fail, pop your curls up into a messy bun. That hand lotion will come in handy here too as you pull out some tendrils to frame your face and neck. Sometimes, the messy bun is a curly-haired lady's best friend.

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