Get Your Life Together with These 3 Organization Hacks

Get Your Life Together with These 3 Organization Hacks

The phrase “look good, feel good” rings extremely true in the home. A clean and organized home can eliminate unnecessary stress from life. Don’t wait for the spring cleaning panic to take effect, make a few necessary moves now. Start with these 3 organization hacks to put your foot in the right direction long before spring even rolls around.

  1. Color code!

Your first mistake is thinking this is a hack meant just for the closet. And while hanging your shirts and sweaters per color is surely going to make your morning routine a lot smoother, take the colors to other areas of the home as well. Instead of those basic manila folders in your office, try organizing your important documents by color – bills in the green, user manuals in blue, etc. No more reading through hundreds of pesky labels before finding what you’re looking for – just go straight to the color!

  1. Drawer dividers aren’t just meant for silverware

A sure-fire way to de-clutter your life is by organizing the least expected places – the junk drawers of the house. Use drawer dividers like Snap Fit Drawer Dividers in every drawer imaginable. Batteries, extra pens, twist ties, etc. can all be placed into their own compartment thus ending the useless digging.

  1. Make your hidden spaces usable

Closets and cabinets are made for storage, but when items are stuffed in or tossed together these spaces act more like a black hole. Some simple organization tricks can maximize storage space while providing quick and easy access to items. Transportable container and/or sliding shelves, divide and conquer cabinet storage. For the closet, add shelf dividers above the hanging space in your closet and shoe organizers over the door or below the hanging space instead of just throwing stuff in and shutting the door.

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