Great Ways to Keep Busy on an Airplane

Great Ways to Keep Busy on an Airplane

Ugh! Riding in airplanes: cramped, dim spaces with stiff chair backs and strange smells. Why not spend these few hours doing something relaxing, productive or fun?

Use Colorama to relieve stress or keep busy on an airplane
Colorama - Coloring Book for Adults

Color Your World

Adult coloring books are all the rage, and that's because you're never too old to enjoy coloring pretty pictures. Top-selling adult coloring books depict whimsical designs such as nature scenes and mandalas. Our pick is Colorama, featuring over 100 beautiful images on acid-free paper. Pocket Colorama (included) is easy to pack in your carry-on bag or purse. We also provide six dual colored pencils to help you design your florals, paisleys, stained glass and other visual stunners.

Learn Something New

You know what they say about never being too old to learn something new? Well, just like coloring, learning can be a lifelong activity. Why not use your plane time for education? Review guitar chords, read up on the history of the Alamo, learn to speak French, or even find solutions for everyday problems. You will feel proud and accomplished when next you set foot on terra firma.

Organize Your Life

While your e-mail calendar or smart phone probably holds a lot of information about who, what, where and when, it's never a bad idea to take stock of the rest of your life. Plane time is a great time to make to do lists: clean the refrigerator, paint the trim, have the piano tuned, empty the gutters, etc. Buy a small notepad with a cover in a color or pattern that makes you happy. Fill it with your to dos and feel even more accomplished when you check off items in your pretty little book.

Play TV Trivia

If you and your travelling companion like the same television shows or movies, delight in asking him or her obscure questions. TV show websites or apps often feature quizzes and games to share.You can also find other trivia games online: quiz each other about nature, history, literature, pop culture and more. Another option is to pack Trivial Pursuit cards in your purse. Just make sure to keep your voices low so as not to disturb other passengers.

Bon voyage!

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