Guilt-Free Garage – 5 garage storage ideas to give your house dumpster greater purpose

Guilt-Free Garage – 5 garage storage ideas to give your house dumpster greater purpose

“Throw them in the garage,” they said, so you heed their advice and toss them aside. Flash forward a few weeks, it’s hot and you want nothing more than to take a dip in the pool. One problem – your goggles are now a prey to the abyss. You will sooner find a needle in a haystack than locate your precious lost item. Where do you go from here?

Get organized. You clean your house, why should your garage be any different? It’s time to dive into that dumpster, turn it inside out and give it the purpose it deserves.

1. Transform your work bench

Whether it’s a craft station or a building block, let your work bench be just that and not another table to throw stuff on. Get screwdrivers, loose nails and measuring tape organized into a drawer with some Snap Fit Drawer Dividers. You will never misplace your drill bits again. Make the space appear to be its own room. Designate the area and provide yourself some additional work lighting by hanging an Insta Bulb.

Organize your space with Snap Fit Drawer Dividers.

2. Organize your supplies

Cleaning your car can be a daunting task that requires multiple products to get the job done. By placing them all on a portable Storage Cart, you can easily wheel them out of the garage when needed and then back in when finished.

Do you garden, tend to a pool or love to grill? The Over the Cabinet Door Organizer is your friend. No more unnecessary boxes to dig through in order to find the hedge trimmer, filters or gardening gloves. Open the cabinet and there they hang, ready for the taking.

3. Put your prized possessions on display

Some people consider tools trophies, collections to be displayed. Everything from a clippers to a shovel can be exposed in a Corner Tool Stand. Your tools will have a designated space and be easily visible, both for purpose and pleasure.

Stay nice and organized and safe space in your garage

Use some Flex Light Strips as under the cabinet lighting to highlight certain areas or items. Running out for something quick? The LED lights also serve a practical purpose and the light the space up without any electricity.

4. Maximize your space

Eliminate the space and hassle of a cabinet and store your canned goods or extra cleaning supplies on a vertical Slide Out Pantry Tier. Place your paper towels and cleaning rags on a Sliding Shelf. Make the most of the space you’ve been given with mobile storage solutions that can be relocated throughout the garage if needed.


Be honest with yourself, do you really need 15 different screwdrivers? Invest in a multifaceted tool like the Kelvin 23 for everyday tasks. You’ll thank yourself for all the space you saved.

Simplify your tools with 23 Tools in One!

Get rid of extra cabinets and avoid buying new ones by transforming the ones you already have. Chrome Shelf Dividers are the perfect solution to a customizable storage system allowing you to section off work shoes, pool towels and camping gear. Best of all, you can adjust them based on your growing needs.

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