Handbag Styles for Everyday Wear

Handbag Styles for Everyday Wear

Crossbody, clutch, weekender—what? What's the difference? If you're confused about handbag styles, you've come to the right place. We'll explain the basics of each one, plus let you in on a little handbag organization secret. Read on.

BulbHead offers handbag solutions for everyday wear and a secret organization tip.



The Crossbody 

The crossbody bag is a versatile solution to keep your hands-free. The Crossbody bag is super versatile and can go with a wide range looks. It also means hands-free shopping, commuting, coffee-drinking, you name it! It's meant to be worn across the body, with a strap long enough to hang on your shoulder and the bag rests on your opposite hip. A great feature of crossbody bags is that they provide maximum security compared to most purses, as it can be difficult to swipe when the strap is across your entire body.

The Clutch

Clutches are small, strapless bags meant for an evening out. This small, strapless handbag is perfect for brunch or a night out. Toss whatever you need for a few hours into your clutch and you're good to go. It's perfect for holding your phone, lipstick, and credit cards for a night out. The clutch is also a great way to accessorize an otherwise dull outfit; there are so many cute options.


 The Weekender 

The Weekender makes a great travel bag! The Weekender doubles as other bag types in your daily life. Gym bag? Check. Diaper bag? Check check. You can fit almost anything in this Mary Poppins style tote. Use it as a carry-on for when you travel and stow it under your seat on the plane.



The Satchel 

Satchels are great, sturdy everyday bags.A satchel is a sturdy bag that can stand up on its own. Its usually triangular shaped and it is not worn over the shoulder but rather carried by hand with short straps. Satchels make great everyday bags and can dress up your outfit depending on the style selected.



Purse Buddy keeps your handbags organized. So what do you do if you've got a closet full of handbags? At BulbHead, we are all about solutions for every day problems, and of course we've got an organization solution for you. Purse Buddy hangs over your door and keeps all of your purses, scarves, belts, and hats organized. Purse Buddy lets you keep 16 handbags within arm's reach. The easily installed organizer has adjustable hooks on each rack and a stretch system to keep hooks closely aligned with the door. Plus, the subtle steel hooks with spring-tension prevent door jams and damage. You’ll stay organized with two racks per pack with eight adjustable hooks per rack.

So what's your favorite style bag, can you pick just one? Post your selection in the comments!

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