Harvest the Sun – Outdoor Solar Lighting Solutions

Harvest the Sun – Outdoor Solar Lighting Solutions

Outdoor lighting is essential, whether you’re highlighting your landscaping or lighting up your backyard BBQ. And while everyone loves curb appeal, no one loves high electric bills. Luckily, you now have the option of using exclusively solar-powered lighting.

What’s not to love about solar? It’s electric-free, cord-free and does the job just . Take advantage of the sun’s energy and shed a little light on your outdoor space with these clever products.

Line your sidewalk and driveway with Solar Pathway Lights.

1. Solar Pathway Lights

Whether you’re having an end-of-summer bash or start-of-fall get together, when you have guests coming over and staying late, it’s a great idea to line your sidewalks and walkways with Solar Pathway Lights. Guests will know exactly how to get to where they need to be, and impressed with how pretty your lighting is. This set of 4 stylish posts is the perfect solution to dark driveways, paths, or yards.


Line your garage with Light Angel to see what's going on at night.

2. Light Angel

A great option to greet guests at the front door, the Light Angel is motion-censored and can mount anywhere for up to 100,000 hours of wireless lighting. Because it swivels and tilts, you can ensure lights will always come on right where you and your guests need them.


Keep disease-carrying bugs at bay with solar-powered bug zappers.

3. Solar Powered Bug Zappers

These smart, safe, Solar Powered Bug Zappers are essential for any successful BBQ. No one wants flies landing all over their cheeseburger, so stick these mosquito killers into the ground around your grill or picnic table and let the light do the work. The best part? They’re chemical- and pesticide-free, so they’re totally safe to have around food.


Decorate your porch effortlessly.

4.  Umbrella Hanging Solar Lights

Whether it’s your patio or a porch, dress things up with some Umbrella Hanging Solar Lights. These lightweight lanterns hang perfectly from an umbrella by the pool or sconce on the back deck. They provide just the right amount of light for a lovely late night supper outside or after-dinner drink on the deck.


Set the Rattan Basket Candle on your steps or porch for a classic look.

  1.  Rattan Solar Lantern

For a more classic lighting option, try the Rattan Solar Lantern. Instead of a bulb, the light resembles a candle, making it feel cozy and old-fashioned. Use it on a table or hang it overhead – the woven basket look adds just the right amount of style to your front porch or back deck.


Create a festive outdoor ambiance.

  1. Solar Bling Lights

Looking to add more bling to your space? Dress up the outdoors with Solar Bling Lights, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, Colored Solar Bling Lights. These white or colored lights hang perfectly in plants, highlighting your landscaping. Because they require zero electricity, you can place them in shrubbery wherever you want, without worrying about access to an outlet.


Use the power of the sun to light up these jars

  1.  Hanging Solar Glass Jars

While practical, solar lighting can also be beautiful and decorative, as is the case with this set of Hanging Solar Glass Jars. A whimsical addition to any landscaping, these blue, green and orange hanging lights can be set on a self-timer to turn on and off whenever you need them.


Add these lanterns to any outdoor area and enjoy.

8. Ceramic Solar Lanterns

If you’re looking for something a bit more elaborate, Ceramic Solar Lanterns are perfect. Depending on your mood, you can set the lighting to white or colored. Set them on a table as a centerpiece or turn your yard into a charming wonderland and hang them from the trees.


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