How To Get Organized

How To Get Organized

An organized home is a happy home, one that brings peace of mind to its owners and a Zen-like ambiance to all those who walk through the door. Getting there isn’t easy though. Life is messy, and the prospect of all that work is...well, overwhelming. But we’re here to help! We’ve rounded up nine super products to de-clutter your life, while simultaneously saving you time and money.

Organize your shoes or other accessories under your bed1. Shoes Under

Shoes, glorious shoes…am I right, ladies? If y’all are anything like me, you’ve got piles of shoes teetering in your closet. Well, we’ve got not one, but two amazing solutions for you!

First up is Shoes Under, a fabric storage option that holds 12 pairs of shoes and slides right under your bed, freeing up prime closet real estate, while also keeping your precious footwear within reach. This container is also perfect for accessories, lingerie,  kids’ toys, and anything you’re looking to keep organized and out of the way.

2. Over the Door Shoe Organizer

Equally helpful, this rack holds 30 pairs of shoes in vinyl compartments, making it easy to spot the pair you need. Not only does it make good use of what is typically a wasted space behind your door, the rack can also be used for belts, scarves, toys and more.

3. Purse Buddy

Let’s focus our attention on your purses. Yep, those expensive bags you paid good money for, which are now all crammed onto a shelf or collecting dust in a closet corner. In addition to being insanely difficult to find the one you’re looking for, it’s also high time you pay them the attention they’re owed! Do so with the Purse Buddy handbag organizer that hooks onto your door and showcases up to 16 bags. Similar to the Shoe Organizer, this gem of a product utilizes a dead space and can also organize your hats, scarves or whatever other accessories you need to remove from the closet floor.

4. Storage CartStore and organize your laundry supplies

Okay, now that we’ve squared away the closet, let’s tackle your laundry room. The Storage Cart is genius in its simplicity: its slide-out tower fits in narrow spaces (like that awkward, unused area between your washer and dryer!) and has three tiers of storage, ideal for organizing all your laundry products. Is there anything better than making use of wasted space AND coming out of it more organized? Bonus: The rack is also perfect for kitchen pantries, garage work spaces and dorm rooms!

5. 2 Covered Ice Trays

Next up: your kitchen. Specifically, your freezer, which is likely overrun with frost-covered bags of who-knows-what. These ice trays can’t solve it all, but they can jump start your freezer reorganization. Each tray comes with a lid that prevents spills and drips from sink to freezer, but best of all, ensures that trays easily stack on top of one another. No more messy ice trays taking up too much space means less frustration for you!

Plus, parents can re-purpose the trays by putting individual servings of frozen fruits and veggies in the cube slots for kiddos. Pet lovers will want to make frozen dog treats this way too. (Another option: When not using the trays in your freezer, use them as a jewelry or office supply organizer!)

6. Grab Bag

Do you also have a drawer or cabinet in your kitchen overflowing with a mountain of plastic grocery store bags? Well, thanks to the eco-friendly Grab Bag, you can free up some much-needed space and make your grocery shopping simpler. Reusable and crazy durable, the Grab Bag clips right into a grocery cart, holds up to 40 pounds of goods and can fold flat in your trunk when not in use. This bag is also great for hefting laundry or other bulky items!

Charge your phone and electronics in a safe place7. Charging Station

Now it’s time to focus on the many phone-charging stations you’ve set up throughout the house. Cords galore, phones lying in precarious places (admit it, you know you’ve left it teetering on the back of the toilet!)... Well, all that can be tamed with Charging Station. This product turns a standard outlet into a multifaceted charging hub that is easy to use and easy on the eyes, thanks to its neat cord-wrapping facet. All things charge in one convenient (and safe!) location, away from kids, pets and water.

8. Power Round

Another helpful tool for organizing your outlets is the super compact Power Round, which turns a single outlet into six sockets and includes two USB ports. Plus, its slim design makes it perfect to hide behind furniture.

9. Buxton Palm Wallet

Your house is slowly but surely becoming more let’s take a look at you! Or, more aptly, your wallet. Is it so overloaded with receipts, change and gift cards that you’re constantly dropping important information on the ground?  If so, it’s time to upgrade to the Buxton wallet, from the makers of quality accessories for over 100 years. This compact card keeper not only stashes your cash and change in a separate area from an accordion 11-slot card section, it’s also outfitted with an aluminum liner that protects against electronic scanning devices. There’s also a clear exterior window for your driver’s license.

As these products demonstrate, getting more organized doesn’t have to be as painful as it sounds. And remember, organization equals peace of mind!

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