How to Hang Curtains Like a Pro Interior Designer

How to Hang Curtains Like a Pro Interior Designer

Whether moving to a new apartment,  buying a new home or giving your room a facelift, you want to make the space your own –a reflection of your unique flare, your personal sanctuary. One of the best ways to customize a room is drapery. But if you find yourself wondering how to hang curtains like a professional, you’ve come to the right place!

This easy 5-step guide will check one item off your to-do list while leaving guests at your house-warming party wondering just how in the world you made it look so good.

First, some important style notes:


- Hang the rod right above or right next to the window frame as this only ends up making the window (and room) appear smaller.

- Buy your curtains only to fit the length of your window.


- Hang the rod hung inches above and inches wider than the window, making the window look bigger and the ceiling height taller.

- Purchase curtains that are going to graze your floor – this will add length to the room.

The Steps:

1.  Make sure you have all the tools you need

-If you are using screw-free EASY CURTAIN ROD HOLDERS you will need:

-Step stool or ladder

-Curtain rod and curtains

- If you are using a screw-free MAGNETIC CUSTOM ROD SET you will need:

-Ruler or measuring tape


-Step stool or ladder


-Curtain Rod and Curtains

-For all other curtain rods you will need:

-Ruler or Measuring Tape

-Cordless electric drill / screwdriver

-Screws / drywall anchors


-Step stool or ladder


-Curtain rod and curtains

2. Measure and Mark

(If you are using EASY CURTAIN ROD HOLDERS you can skip this step  -  no screws, measuring or marking needed.)

  • You’ll want your curtains to hang majority on the outside of the window frame only covering it about 1 inch.
  • For height, measure at least 5 inches and down from the ceiling and up to 12 inches wider than your window (depending on your desired look) and make your marks there.
  • Be sure to use a level when making your marks. Professionals don’t hang uneven curtain rods. That’s for rookies!

3. Install Curtain Rod Brackets

For EASY CURTAIN ROD HOLDERS just slide each steel bracket slides into place over the top corners of any window molding

For MAGNETIC CUSTOM ROD SET, if you are hanging on drywall or wood, place the self-stick magnetic tabs on your markings then attached the magnetic brackets to them. For hanging on a metal surface you can place the magnetic brackets directly on your markings.

For other curtain rods you will need to use an electric drill in order to get the job done – cordless is preferable. (The last thing you need is to get tangled up in a cord and fall off your stool or ladder at the midway point)

1. Drill pilot holes at the pre-marked locations and push the plastic drywall anchors into them.

2. Then secure the curtain rod brackets to the wall anchors with a screwdriver and screws.

4. Prepare Your Curtains

One of the most important and often overlooked steps is making sure your curtains are in tip-top shape before hanging them. They are usually a wrinkled mess after purchasing, so take the extra time to give them the crisp, clean look they deserve before putting them on display. And yes, that means if they are a sheer or delicate fabric, you may have to steam them instead.

5. The Grand Finale – Hang your curtains!

- Now that your curtains could waltz into a Black Tie Affair, it’s time to hang!

- Whether you are using rings/hooks or just hanging them directly on the rod, do so on a clean, wide surface. You just spent all that time Susie Homemaking the perfect curtain crease, now is not the time to ruin it.Once they are on the rod, have a buddy help you hang them in place.

Relax, step back and enjoy the end result of how to hang curtains like a pro!

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