How to Have a Fabulous Girl's Night

How to Have a Fabulous Girl's Night

There’s nothing better than getting together with girl friends, whether it’s a low key hangout or getting dressed up for a night on the town. Next time you have a girl’s night, try these bright ideas!





Make a Pizza

There’s nothing like a night of pizza and beer with your best girl friends! Instead of heading out, make it a fun night in. Gather all the gals, grab some dough from your local pizzeria, some craft beer, and get cookin’. Instead of using red solo cups for your brew, we love the Brew Cup because it’s way classier, plus you won’t need to dig around for a bottle opener—there’s two built right in! Awesome, right?

Paint & Sip

Let your inner artist out by finding a local paint & sip night! Even if you have no artistic ability, these gatherings are so fun and with a little liquid courage (and by following your instructor's lead, of course), you'll have a beautiful finished painting at the end of the night.


phone charging tote

A Night Out

Whether you’re out for sushi with your gal pals, on your way to a club, your phone always, ALWAYS loses its charge. The fashion-forward Phone Charging Tote solves this problem! We love that it can charge either an iPhone or Android so you can update your Snapchat story with the evening’s festivities all night long. Plus the super-soft vegan leather goes with any outfit so no need to worry about what to wear. Don’t forget to toss the Foldable Slippers in your tote for when your tootsies get tired from heels.

Clothing Swap

Instead of a shopping spree, bring gently worn items you no longer wear (we all have those!) to your gal pal's house. Toss them all in a pile, try them on, and swap! You'll leave with fun new-to-you items you paid nothing for!





Old School Movie Night

You’re never too old for an old-fashioned, watch-scary-movies, eat tons of junk food, kinda night. Instead of sitting on the floor (talk about uncomfortable!) or cramming on a couch, we love Yogibo! It’s so cozy and comfy and makes a great spot to chill and hang out while you have your scary movie marathon. The Yogibo Max also makes a comfy spot to sleep. Because let’s be honest, staying up late isn’t as easy as it used to be.  


 stubby strip vino

Wine Tasting

Have each girl bring their favorite bottle over for a little wine tasting; maybe you’ll discover a new fave! Plus, who doesn’t love wine? Two must-haves for any wine-tasting are the Travel Wine Glasses and the Stubby Strip Vino. The Travel Wine Glasses are collapsible so you can tote them to your bestie’s place, plus they don’t break so you can toast anywhere. If you’re the one bringing the vino, the Stubby Strip Vino Carrier safely carries up to 4 bottles and lets you bring the party anywhere.

What do you love to do when you have the girls over? Let us know in the comments below!

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