No More Chocolates! What You Should REALLY Be Doing On Valentine’s Day

No More Chocolates! What You Should REALLY Be Doing On Valentine’s Day

Have you been struck by cupid’s bow? Valentine’s Day is, of course, the day you shower the one you love with boxes of chocolates and bouquets of roses but isn’t that getting a little old, and well, predictable? We think so. Instead, try one of these bright ideas for a Valentine’s Day date night to remember.


Go to the Planetarium

It might be a little too cold to venture outside and do traditional stargazing, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Head to your local planetarium for a night (or day) under the stars. Not only is it a learning experience, it’s romantic, too!


Stargaze Outside

If you’re brave enough to face the frigid February temps and stargaze, do it right! We recommend making it as comfy (and as warm!) as possible. Blow up an inflatable pool and fill with cozy blankets and soft pillows and go where the sky won’t be affected by artificial light. Don’t forget the thermos of hot chocolate to sip and share.


Get Artistic

Instead of hitting up a museum for a date, why not create your own art together? Head to your local craft store and grab some canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, and get creative. Splash paint onto the canvas and don’t worry about getting messy! When you’re done, hang it up in your home where you can see it and admire your artistic prowess.


Go Skydiving

Even if you’re not a daredevil, this Valentine’s Day do something crazy and adventurous and surprise your sweetheart by going out of your comfort zone. Skydiving will definitely get your adrenaline pumping and give you a Valentine’s Day (and amazing photos!) to remember.


Regress a Little 

Being an adult is a little overwhelming. Between the mortgage, paying the pills, wrangling the kids, when’s the last time you really just let go? Times were a little simpler when you were 16 and all you had to worry about was if you could get a ride to the mall to see your friends. Let loose this Valentine’s Day by regressing a little - visit the arcade and play two player video games (be sure to bring tons of quarters!), go see a goofy movie at the mall, go to the batting cages, grab a burger, find a photobooth and take selfies.

What are your unconventional Valentine’s Day ideas? We’d love to hear them! Share with us in the comments below!

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