Summer Sizzle: 5 Must-Have Essentials To Beat The Heat

Summer Sizzle: 5 Must-Have Essentials To Beat The Heat

Summer’s finally heating up to a sizzle! Many people are taking advantage of the warm-up with vacations, trips to the beach, or lazy days in their pool. And for others – that means trying to find low-cost ways of cooling down. Whether you’re at home or out and about, you need a way to cool off fast. Luckily, we’ve got a few budget-friendly solutions!


Iced Coffee In A minute!

I can’t function without caffeine. I love coffee. It gives me time to think and plan for the day. But, despite my craving for caffeine, the idea of drinking a hot beverage at 95°F with high humidity makes me sweat. Making iced coffee at home takes forever. And ordering it out gets expensive. The solution? Hyperchiller Iced Coffee Maker. Just fill with water and store in your freezer the night before you want to use it. Then, when you’re ready to make iced coffee, pour the coffee into Hyperchiller and let it stand a minute. The insulated tumbler chills coffee and reduces its temperature by 130°F in 60-seconds. Sip your iced coffee at a leisurely pace without melted ice ruining your drink. Hyperchiller Iced Coffee Maker doesn’t dilute. Not much into coffee? Try with your favorite teas for a sweet treat to beat the heat!



Wine glass keeps drink cold without diluting

I love entertaining outside during the summer. One of my favorite adult beverages to make is sangria. The robust flavors of the wine amalgamated with the sweet and tart fruit make the summer heat bearable (drink enough sangria and the summer heat won’t bother you – ammiright?). Unfortunately, melted ice waters down wine. The good news is that you can chill your wine without diluting it with Soiree Dimple Stemless Wine Glasses. They have a gel insert you stick in the freezer. Then, when you’re ready to imbibe, simply stick the insert in the base of the wine glass and it stays via a strong magnet. The frozen gel pack cools your drink without diluting! The stemless design is chic for all types of drinks – whether you’re enjoying a wine spritzer or lemonade.



Stay cool with this lightweight towel

When you’re working outside, the summer heat can be brutal. But that lawn needs to be mowed and the garden needs tending. Ice packs don’t allow you to work hands-free. And wetting a towel and freezing it overnight? It takes up too much space in your freezer and is too heavy around your neck. There’s an easy solution. Cool Downz Cooling Towel is made of a unique antiseptic and antibacterial fabric that provides heat relief up to 30° cooler than your body temperature. Just add water! The hyper-evaporative towel immediately starts working.  It’s dry to the touch and never feels wet. Does your thawed towel or ice pack leave you dry? When Cool Downz Cooling Towel gets dirty, just toss it in the wash. Place around your neck or drape over your head under a hat for a cool down during a summer scorcher!



Polar Pooch keeps pets cool

If you’re uncomfortable in the summer heat, just think about how your dog or cat feels. All that fur! Whether you’re in your home, on the road, or lounging outside on your patio, you need to give your pupper a cool place to lay. Polar Pooch is a pressure-activated dog cooling mat. It’s made of a non-toxic cooling gel that starts cooling as soon as pressure is placed on the mat. And it continues providing cool relief for 3 hours! When the cooling gel needs to reactivate, just let it be for 15 minutes. So easy!

Always keep an eye on your pooch on sweltering days. If it’s too hot for you to go outside, it’s too hot for your dog. They can suffer from heat stroke just like us. Leaving your dog outside in unsafe heat conditions is inhumane (and a crime in most states).



Atomic Cool personal cooling system

Not all hot days require an air conditioner. But some days need a little more relief than an oscillating fan can provide. My upstairs bathroom is tiny and has only a small window. Needless to say, there’s little air circulation, which makes it almost unbearable to get ready in the morning. Atomic Cool is a personal cooling system.  Like a swamp cooler, it transforms dry, hot air into cool, moist air. There are three fan settings to get your Goldilocks temperature. Atomic Cool cools up to 50-square feet, so it’s great for apartments, dorm rooms, trailers, and more. It’s not an air conditioner and shouldn’t be expected to perform as one. The unit itself is fairly small so it can fit on small counters, nightstands, kitchen counters, and shelves. Just add water to the back, plug it in, set your perfect temp, and it starts working!

While this list may not serve as a panacea to all hot weather woes, I hope it offers a few solutions to staying cool that you may have overlooked!  

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