Just Like Mom & Dad: Tablets for Kids

Just Like Mom & Dad: Tablets for Kids

Providing more than just entertainment, tablets are also an indispensable learning tool for your children or grandchildren. But what do you do when you don't think your little one should have their very own? Should they use your expensive model? Well, probably not.  We know there's a wide array of tablets for kids on the market. We have a bright solution for you that we think you'll love.

Edutab is the perfect tablet alternative for kids ages three and up! The Edutab Tablet is a fun way to get your children to learn and play! Made of durable plastic, the 10" size makes it perfect for tiny hands. They'll stay off your tablet by keeping entertained with games like Find-the-Number, Find-the-Letter, and Find-the-Word. Plus, it teaches the ABCs, how to count, how to spell and comes with more than 10 melodies. The Edutab is a great way to promote the senses like sight, hearing, and touch. It's perfect for ages 3 and up, and can play in both English and Spanish.


The Edutab smartphone will become your little one's favorite toy. If your kids want to be just like you and have their own smartphone, the Edutab Smartphone fits the bill. It comes with seven educational games and activities to teach animal sounds, music, math, numbers. Edutab Smartphone has touch-sensitive controls and a lightweight feel. This made-for-kids smartphone is perfect for children ages 3 and up. And just like the Edutab Tablet, it can be played in both English and Spanish.

Now your kids can be just like you with phones and tablets, but they can learn and have fun at the same time. Do your kids try and copy you in other ways? Post your funny stories in the comments below!

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