The 3 Golden Rules of Regifting

The 3 Golden Rules of Regifting

The best part of the holidays is spending time with those you love. The second best part is … presents (obviously)! But what happens when you get a present you just know you’re not going to wear/use/enjoy?

Answer: It’s regifting time!

We all do it, so it’s time to lose the guilt and start getting practical about what it takes to regift well. Here are the 3 golden rules when it comes to regifting like a pro.

Rule #1: It must either be new or look it

When regifting, you must ensure that there are no tags, notes, or otherwise distinguishing characteristics that mark this a regift. Be sure to re-wrap it, and cut off any little cards that were attached that said your name. Never give partially-used gifts, such as gift cards that have some money already used. The general rule of thumb: If it isn’t new, keep it for you.

Rule #2: It should be appropriate to the person

Just because you have an extra set of bath salts doesn’t mean your male colleague at work is going to appreciate them. The gift must match the person otherwise it’ll be obvious that a) you’re regifting, and b) you don’t really value the person. That’s right – give something that’s obviously a regift just for the sake of it, and you run the risk of doing the opposite of the intention behind giving – you’ll look self-involved. It’s far better to selectively regift to the right person than to distribute bath salts willy-nilly.

Rule #3: Never look back

If you’ve determined that this person will really enjoy this regift and you’ve made sure it’s in great condition, then let go of any guilt or shame you may have about regifting. Be proud and excited about what you’re giving, and let their joy in when you feel it. Otherwise, what’s the point? Giving is about generosity and love.

Now regift and be merry!

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