The 5 Best Holiday Decorations You've Never Heard of

The 5 Best Holiday Decorations You've Never Heard of

‘Tis the season to get jolly and bright, and that goes for your home as well as your spirit. Whether you’re sprucing up your door, cozying up your living room, or making your dining room table even more inviting, holiday decorations are one of the best parts of the season that promises peace and joy for all. Here are a few unexpectedly awesome holiday décor options.


  1. Holiday Lightbulb Lightning Charger

Take an everyday activity and make it extra cheerful during the cold winter months. This clever USB charger is both creative and effective -- the 46” USB cable features 10 multi-colored LED bulbs that add a spirited glow to your desk or charging station. Coworkers and family members alike will be delighted:

Charger up your iPhone in holiday style



  1. Poinsettia Lighted Garland with White Lights

The table where you eat is the focal point of the home, and at no time is that more obvious than during the holiday season. Brighten it up with this beautiful, cordless poinsettia centerpiece. Because it requires no cords, simply pick up and move to the mantel if you need the space for more mashed potatoes, or want to add a dash of color elsewhere in the house:

Dress up your table top with the Poinsettia Lighted Garland


  1. Hanging Tree Light

Decorating outside can be tricky when temperatures dip and it’s hard to navigate the great outdoors. Keep things simple with this lovely, lighted “tree” that’s easy to set and forget: Simply hang the star from a branch, fence, or the side of your house, then arrange and secure the light strands into the ground with the included anchor stakes.

Dress up the outdoors with the hanging light tree



  1. Star Shower Tree Dazzler

Speaking of trees, simplify your life and upgrade the possibilities of your Christmas tree with this clever alternative to string lights. Simply slip the Tree Dazzler over the top of your tree and arrange the vertical light strands for an instant lightshow you can change with the touch of a button. Get a spectacular array of patterns and colors without having to lift a finger:

Simply place Tree Dazzler over your tree and press a button for a spectacular show!


  1. Treekeeper Adjustable Ornament Keeper

A savvy gift for anyone who loves decorating the tree to perfection, this smart ornament box keeps precious ornaments safe and stashed until next year. Its customizable compartments lined in plush, protective fabric create a cozy nest for delicate decorations, while the removable fabric-covered trays can be configured to suit ornament size. A front zipper pocket holds additional items:

Keep your ornaments safe and secure

Now what are you waiting for?! Get decorating, and enjoy!

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