The Dorm Room Must-Have Checklist

The Dorm Room Must-Have Checklist

Going to college is more than just a scholastic event – it’s a rite of passage. But surviving at school is about more than just living away from home for the first time; it’s about bringing the right things with you. Here are 16 must-haves for dorm life and beyond. 

  1. Extra-long twin sheets

You’d be surprised at how many dorm beds are extra-narrow but extra-long.


  1. Flip flops to shower in

Communal living doesn’t have to mean communal germs. Keep your eyes on the prize and your feet free of fungi.


  1. Space-saving wardrobe accessories

You’re not going to have a lot of space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a lot of shoes.


  1. A shower caddy

Schlepping your shampoo and moisturizer back and forth to the bathroom will be new, and is a lot easier when you’ve got a convenient carrier.


  1. Mini fridge

In addition to little yogurts for healthy quick energy, you’ll be able to store leftovers from the dining hall and keep fruit fresh.


  1. Wall calendar

 It might seem old-school, but a wall calendar actually really helps in remembering when big things are due (or when big parties are):


  1. Bed risers

 You’ll be glad of the extra storage space created underneath when you lift your bed up even just a few inches.


  1. Ear plugs

Get ready for #RoommateLife.


  1. Laundry basket

 A laundry basket collapses for easy storage is even better.


  1. Bike and bike lock

Depending on how big your campus is, you’ll appreciate being able to get to class on time and also count on your bike being there when you get out.


  1. Smart chargers

Power strips can be bulky in small dorm rooms, so consider gadgets that can plug in anywhere and charge up multiple devices at once.


  1. Hangers

Bring a bunch or you’ll feel like you never have enough.


  1. Noise-canceling headphones

You’ll want to be able to tune out distractions instantly, anywhere.


  1. A tablet lap desk

A tablet lap desk comes in handy, especially if you use your tablet to take notes, you’ll want it readily accessible at home.


  1. Antibacterial wipes

They always come in handy and make it easy to clean up spills or disinfect things in a dorm room a snap.


  1. A beanbag chair

They’re traditional for a reason: they’re awesome. Try an update on the old classic: the Yogibo Midi works as a chair, bed, recliner, or couch, and stores in just 4 sq ft.


College is about more than just learning – it’s about making memories. In between writing papers, taking tests, and choosing majors, you’ll explore who you are, form lifelong friendships, and walk your path to adulthood.

 May it be a thrilling journey of discovery.

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