The Great Debate: 3 Reasons Your Workplace Should (or Shouldn't) Have Pets

The Great Debate: 3 Reasons Your Workplace Should (or Shouldn't) Have Pets

There’s nothing more adorable than a workplace dog. It’s ideal for Instagram, great for a midday pick-me-up, and tends to bring people together even better than the coffee maker in the communal kitchenette.

If you’re a manager considering allowing pets in the office or simply a worker looking to advocate for a pet-friendly workplace, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of pros and few cons to bringing furry friends into work.

Here are compelling 3 reasons to have pets at the office:

  1. It’s great for morale

People simply can’t get enough of office pets. Everyone tends to get into it, stopping by just to give the dog a belly rub, bringing in treats and snacks, teaching the pet to sit or roll over or shake -- the list goes on.

Plus, having a pooch around actually helps humans relate to one another. A 2010 study showed that having dogs in the office can lead to increased trust between colleagues, which strengthens collaboration in the workplace.

If you do end up bringing pups in, make them comfortable with a Pet Cave. Its luxurious polyfill cushion is 5 inches thick, so Fido will feel pampered and warm, even in the cooler months:

Pet Cave keeps your pup ultra cozy


2. It’s a social media boon

Whoever runs social media for your company will swoon at the addition of an office pet. It basically means there will never again be a shortage of cute photo opps around the office, especially if you up the adorability quotient with something like the Argyle Knit Sweater:

Keep Fido cute and warm with the Knit Argyle Sweater


  1. It improves employee health

Part of the benefit of having a pet is that it encourages walk-taking. Every few hours, you have to get out and move around, which is a much-needed but oft-overlooked activity in modern life. Employees can take walks together, which increases the health of more than just one member of the office.

Plus, a recent study showed that compared to remaining sedentary, going for a walk has the potential to boost creative thinking by up to 60%. So not only are you getting exercise for your body, but your mind gets its own workout, as well.


To be fair and cover both sides, it should be noted that not everyone is totally pro-pet. There’s really just one major con when it comes to the great pet debate, and it can be summed up in one word: allergies. Individual productivity can definitely be hampered by constant sneezing, so if someone at the office can’t handle pet dander, it’s either allergy medicine time or it’s time to rethink things -- at least on that side of the office.

Otherwise, researchers and everyday humans agree: bring on the pets!

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