The Star of the Party: Star Shower

The Star of the Party: Star Shower

There’s much to look forward to as autumn approaches: flannel shirts, falling leaves, knit scarves, and pumpkin-spiced everything. As the winter holidays approach, though, there’s one thing most people don’t look forward to dealing with: holiday lighting.

But what if it didn’t have to be painful? What if your lights could turn your home into the star of the party at the flick of a switch?

Enter Star Shower

Forget hanging string lights with precarious ladders or worrying about broken bulbs. Star Shower projects thousands of dazzling stars in seconds, with practically no effort. You can use it indoors or out, year after year, and store it neatly and safely.

Star Shower quickly and easily lights up your home



It’s also weather-resistant, covers over 3,000 square feet and comes with an easy mount lawn stake. Dazzle family and neighbors alike with thousands of green stars, or a green and red star combination: it’s beautiful, simple, classy, easy holiday lighting.

Star Shower Motion

If you love moving light shows, you’ll adore Star Shower Motion. Take home lighting from dull to dazzling by clicking the motion activator button, and watch as thousands of stars dance right before your eyes (you can choose from red & green or just green).

Your home will explode with moving stars with Star Shower Motion.


An extra-long stake allows you to place it anywhere in your yard, then click to have the stars explode into motion, covering 3,200 square feet. It even has a light sensor so you can set it to automatically turn on at dusk and off in daylight.

Innovative idea: Bring the stars indoors to light up a foyer or create a fantasy world in your child’s bedroom. It includes an indoor base for just that.

Star Shower Patriot

The perfect Star Shower to use to show off your patriotic pride, this one showers your home with thousands of beautiful red and blue lights. Against a white house, it’s the perfect red, white & blue!

Show off your patriotic pride with Star Shower Patriot.



Plug it in to project stars over 3,000 square feet. Perfect for BBQs and backyard parties, you can also bring it indoors to light up a foyer or bedroom.


The changing of the seasons brings many things: beauty, the sense possibility, and the natural evolution of things. However you choose to take advantage of all the changes, may they be uplifting and bright.

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