The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Party Like a Pro

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Party Like a Pro

Turkey Day is just around the corner! It’s time to start prepping mind, body, and soul for one of the best days of the year. Here are a few items that’ll make Thanksgiving even happier and healthier this year.

In The Kitchen

Making delicious meals takes hard work -- cleanup shouldn’t. The Red Copper Square is non-stick so you don’t need as much oil, but totally safe (no teflon in your food). It’s also big and deep and comes with extras so you can do everything from deep-fry chicken to steam vegetables or bake sticky buns -- all without fatty oils, butter, or grease, and with easy washing:

Red Copper Square pan has high sides and is non stick!

Make flawless gravy with this innovative Gravy Strainer that strains out fat, seasonings, and lumps for a smooth sauce with fewer calories. Made from heat-safe glass, it includes fine mesh screen for extra filtering, leaving you with pure, velvety goodness.

The intelligent Mrs. Anderson's Non-Stick Baking Mat renders parchment paper irrelevant and makes cleanup a snap. Simply lay it on a baking sheet; its woven glass fibers transfer heat evenly, so doughs, pastries, and more bake to a perfect golden brown, every time. It easily washes clean:

bake with ease with this non stick mat


Expertly cut through meats, breads, and more with the Kalorik Electric Carving Knife. This powerful set features a stainless-steel serrated blade, serving fork, and convenient carrying case.

make short work of carving

Keep condiments, salads, and more safe and ready to go all day long with the Chill Bar. It makes serving large crowds safe and easy.

Going Out

Traveling to share the special day with friends and family? Pack a Pocket Wine Aerator to impress. Just hold it over a glass and press to improve any vino, anywhere.

If you’re bringing hot food to share, you’ll love the Thermal Food Carrier. Perfect for mashed potatoes, spiced yams, warm biscuits, and more, it features Thermal Shield insulation, sturdy carry handle, and a fully zippered lid:

bring hot food anywhere

Insulated Wine Clutch

Arrive in style with perfectly chilled Chardonnay.

For Overnight Guests

Back at home, you may be graced with the presence of guests staying the night. Keep them comfortable and save space at the same time with the clever Ottoman Bed and Cover. It’s a real ottoman that can transform into a cute and comfy twin bed:

2_Ottoman Bed_Lifestyle_1024

Thanksgiving is a fan favorite holiday. Whether you love the smell of pumpkin pie in the oven, the sound of people cheering on their favorite football team, playing silly board games with family members, the sense of cozy warmth around the dinner table, or all of the above, may you have a blessed and beautiful day.

Happy Thanksgiving from the BulbHead team!

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